5 Remarkable Benefits of Push Notification in E-Commerce

Users’ interaction with push notifications is on a rapid rise. In today’s world of receiving emails, and companies selling their products and services, push notifications are like a better version of emails to ‘push communication’ to target users. 

No wonder it is the best solution ever to disrupt the eCommerce industry and boost conversions. As per Statista, by the end of 2022, revenue in the eCommerce market is anticipated to reach US$99.44bn. Well, that’s a whopping revenue mark. 

So, if you have a mobile app, web app, or any software, react native push notifications are your best friend. It boosts your brand visibility, gets your users ticking, and increases user engagement with just one click. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out more….

Why Push Notifications are Important?

There are many benefits of using push notifications whether your mobile is built in React Native, PHP, or any technology stack. So, why push notifications are the charm of the eCommerce world, let’s discuss. 

  1. Higher customer engagement

It is the push notification that notifies users of exclusive offers and discounts. That’s where maintaining a successful amount of engagement with your users is the key to expanding your customer base. 

Having a means of communication that is so quick not just allows a faster customer reach but also impacts your customer retention levels. So, leverage the technique of sending simple messages to your customers and let the sales roll.

However, it is equally important to ask permission at the right time. For instance, eCommerce apps like Amazon may ask for permission following the buy button. You can highlight the value of notification by giving information about the shipment of the product. 

  1. Help to retarget and remarket

Don’t assume eCommerce businesses only focus on their customers. It is the buyer journey that needs attention – leads, prospects, users, and customers. That’s why online stores retarget prospects who are already exposed to their products and services to convert them into customers.

Thus, if a user has an abandoned cart, let them know about the drop in that product price. Such push notifications are more like a gentle reminder for the user to latch on to their desired purchase. This strategy is called remarketing. 

To put it simply, they are triggered notifications. These messages are extremely relevant and personalized to boost customer loyalty, improve the brand’s overall user experience and increase conversions. 

  1. Help you engage with customers in real-time

During festivals particularly, push notifications are hard to miss. When a notification from Amazon or Myntra pops up on your screen stating a 50% Discount Offer, you wouldn’t want to skip that. Right? You’d want to open it if not immediately. 

This real-time nature of push notifications helps brands attract new users. For example, you can create timed offers for your users that last mainly for say, 12 hours or 6 hours. It creates a sense of urgency among people and slashed prices act as bait to click on the ‘order’ button.

Well, there are different types of push notifications –

  • To increase subscribers
  • To promote the latest products and services
  • To update readers about new content
  • To engage users who left your website or app
  • To restore abandoned carts
  • To notify subscribers about new events or webinars
  • To let customers know about a flash sale
  1. Lets you send personalized text messages

Call your customers by their names and add pre-ready text depending on the items your users are interested in. Perhaps you can even customize the text using the details they shared while signing up. Something peculiar. 

Perfectly timed personalized notifications not just increase the click-through rates but also delight your customers. For example, eCommerce brands may ask customers to track their shipment after they have placed an order. Or they can ask them to check the order history after they have cancelled their order. 

  1. High opt-in rate

Push notifications don’t ask for customer information. All a customer needs to do is just click the message, read the notification and take whatever action they desire. That’s why there is a higher opt-in rate than email opens.

So, why stick with emails when you can send push notifications in instant? And you also get massive reach in return that you can’t possibly get from emails. The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to figure out what you should be sending them in a message. 

Start sending push notifications

As brick-and-mortar stores are slowly getting replaced by online eCommerce stores, many brands are already seeking new personalized mediums to interact with their target users. Also with the surge in mobile shopping during and after Covid, eCommerce has gained a lot of momentum and is leveraging it as well. 

Therefore, to get the most out of your eCommerce business, use push notifications as your powerful tool and scale your brand to new heights. It’s about time you meet your customer right at their time, place, and need. This is how you are of a higher value to your customer after all that’s your ultimate goal, right? Every business strives to provide bigger value to their customer by offering quality products and services – the one that surpasses competitors. 

So, back to you now. Will you create a stellar push notification for your target user? Yes or no. If you need an extra hand, you know where to look up.

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