5 Suburban Areas of New York That Won’t Break the Bank

New York City is one of the most well-known cities in the entire world. That’s for obvious reasons. Even when looking at other US cities, it’s hard to think of a place that has more history, culture, and excitement than the Big Apple. That makes it an extremely exciting place to live and with a reputation like none other, quite the price tag can along as well.

The cost that comes along with NYC living might have people looking to see where they could get a little more for their money. There’s a perfect balance to be struck when looking for something more cost effective. Plenty of people can’t be too far away because of work, family, or even their passion for the city-life. If that sounds like you, here’s some of the best areas that’ll keep you close to the city without breaking the bank. 


For the young professionals working in Manhattan, don’t feel like you can’t have the perfect balance. It’ll be plenty easy to get into the office still and here you’ll love how much square footage you’ll get compared to what’s right around the building you work in. There’s plenty of green space and nightlife right in Hoboken so never feel like you’d have to head right back into the city for some excitement.


Feeling like the city is just starting to close in on you? Then you might be a little happier in a place where you can stretch your legs. Any nature lover would be right at home in this Connecticut suburb where there’s ample room to explore the lovely coastline and plenty of preserved land.

Long Island

If you are looking to spread your dollar a little further, gaining beach access might not sound like a benefit you’re expecting. As a lifelong city dweller, you’ll be quite surprised at what you find once you start to look at Long Island houses for sale. Who knew you could still be so close to the city all while being even closer to the beach? If you work in the city, you’ll still have a good enough commute and it’ll be all the easier to spend time in the ocean on the weekends.


Whatever the reason for staying close to the city, it’s fair if downtown leaves you a little exhausted. If slowing down a little more sounds perfect, you can do just that very thing in Fleetwood all without breaking the bank. 

For an apartment it’s still going to cost you around $1,400 – $2,000 a month but for that price in Fleetwood, that’ll be somewhere with plenty of quiet and the odds of off-street parking are very much in your favor. With that price, you know you wouldn’t have the same in the city. 


What might have you considering somewhere cheaper is the idea (or arrival) of a child in your life. If that’s the stage in where you’ve found yourself, Jericho is going to check all the boxes for your new lifestyle. The affordability you need will be there and most importantly the school districts are exceptional.

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