5 Things to Consider When Adding a Dormer to Your

Regardless of the size of their home, at least 20% of Americans say their houses aren’t big enough for them. In fact, 25% of people outgrow their living space within 2 years!

Purchasing a new house is probably out of the question, but you’re still wondering how to get more space. That’s easy: with a dormer!

Are you interested in hearing more? Then here are 5 things you need to consider when adding a dormer to your house.

1. There Are Different Types of Dormers

When you think of dormers, you probably think of the gable type. This is the most common one and it’s also known as a hog-house dormer because of its shape.

But that’s not your only option! There are also:

  • Hip roof: 3 sloping planes
  • Flat roof: flat plane roof
  • Eyebrow: combination of all dormers
  • False: visible from outside only (no extra light or room inside)

2. It’ll Add More Space and Room

A dormer is a great home addition if you need more space in a room. But it can also bring in more light!

This means that when you build a dormer, you’ll be able to repurpose spaces like your attic into usable rooms. For example, you can convert your attic or loft into an extra bedroom.

3. It Can Be an Expensive Endeavor

The above benefits do come at a cost.

While it’s cheaper than selling your house and moving into a new one, dormers are still expensive. Depending on which type of dormer you get and the company you work with, it can cost over $10,000.

This isn’t including the permits you might have to get with your local building department either. On average, expect them to cost around $1,000, with prices ranging between $400 and $2,000, depending on where you live.

4. You Might Have to Fix Your Roof First

Another added cost is roof repairs. Before a dormer can be added to your home, the roof surrounding it needs to be in tip-top shape. Not to mention, it’ll also need to look its best so there’s no stark contrast between a brand-new dormer and a shabby roof.

5. You Might Have to Install a New Gutter Too

Yet another cost you need to consider is installing a new gutter and drainage system. If you don’t have the right gutter, the rain can seep into your walls. It might also damage your roof too.

In general, you’ll need a downspout and roof flashing to properly direct rainwater away from your house. Speaking to professional dormer builders like OgiCon can be useful in coming up with a good system.

Adding a Dormer Will Brighten Up Your Home

If you feel like your house doesn’t have enough space, adding a dormer is an excellent way to make use of what you’ve got. So instead of buying new property, consider this option instead! You’ll be glad you did when you see all a dormer has to offer. If you need more ideas on how to add space to the home, check out our other blog posts now


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