5 things you can do right now to protect yourself against omicron

The mental and physical health chaos started by the Coronavirus, back in 2019, is now taking a new turn! And healthcare experts are expecting more damage this time because a new, more dangerous, and advanced variant of the SARS-CoV-2 has recently been discovered. This variant has been named “Omicron” and is said to be potentially more hazardous than the previous viruses.

This discovery has led to unrest among the public and people are panicking over what to do. If you are one of them too, you’ve landed the right page. This article sums up all the possible preventive measures that you must take to ensure protection against the new variant. Have a look!

1.Practice social distancing

The first and foremost approach to prevent any contagious disease is to maintain a safe distance from people. You never know who is carrying the virus and who is going to give it to you. Or maybe you would be carrying it yourself and can infect others. So, keep a safe distance from all.

This is very important when you are going out in public. Since sitting home can’t be an option for long, you have to go out for work and other stuff. So, when going out, act responsibly and practice social distancing honestly. It will keep not only you but also others away from danger!

2.Get a reliable facemask

Facemasks are one of the best personal protective equipment when it comes to surviving a pandemic. They provide a barrier between your internal body and the germs you may acquire from the air or other humans. N95 masks made in the USA have been the most trusted during Covid-19. This is because they are designed to provide its wearer with 95% protection against the Coronavirus. Plus, the mask allows easy breathing and a proper seal around your mouth and nose. We are very hopeful that the American N95 masks will be equally effective against the Omicron variant.  

3.Get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible

Booster shots are available for vaccination against the Omicron variant. Vaccination instills you with a weak antigen which is a part of the viral genome. Your body recognizes this antigen and starts making antibodies against it. This antigen cannot cause disease but the antibodies produced against it stay within your blood for a long time. Meanwhile, if you catch the virus, these antibodies will kill it instantly before it could cause any damage. So, getting yourself vaccinated can be a pro move against the Omicron.

4.Maintain healthy hygiene    

Maintaining healthy hygiene can also provide you with adequate protection against the Omicron variant. It includes washing your hands frequently and sanitizing them properly before and after touching anything. Using a high-quality antiseptic soap and a good quality sanitizer is the only cost of your health. So, don’t hesitate and get them soon.

5.Don’t believe everything you hear

The media and news, most of the time, exaggerate the stories to create undue panic among the public. Not everything they report is true so don’t stress yourself. Avoid them to save yourself from unnecessary mental pressure. Listen to what CDC and NIOSH have to say and follow the guidelines issued by them.

Omicron is not something to go mad about. If you practice all that is said above and wear a mask in public, you’ll be at the least risk. If you are looking forward to buying genuine NIOSH approved N95 masks for sale check out We have the finest variety of branded masks with guaranteed quality protection and reasonable prices. For more details, visit our website now! 

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