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5 Ways SEO Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

A brand should adapt to the evolving technologies to increase brand awareness and cope with the existing competitors. SEO is one of the most sought-after digital marketing strategies that are often overlooked. A brand should improve its SEO strategies for improved rankings and a better user experience. Expand your reach and increase brand awareness by implementing SEO.

Most of the users click the top 4 or 5 sites or suggestions that are displayed on the search engine results page(SERP). By optimizing your website, your brand’s sales and brand awareness automatically increase with organic traffic. 

1-Link Building:

Today, everyone is aware of the importance of high-quality links from other websites. Link building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO, but there are several ways to acquire links. When building strong links, use tactics such as creating infographics, broken link building and actively participating in social media. If there is more genuine traffic from high authority sites to your site, then google will help display your webpage in a better position in its SERP. 

2-Optimized Keyword Phrases:

 For qualified traffic to your website, optimize the keywords used by users during their query for information about a product or service. Find the keywords that users use through online surveys and questionnaires. This gives an idea of which keywords the users often use and use these keywords to develop your web pages more relevant to your target audience. These keyword phrases act as a window of your customer’s perception of a product or service. 

3-Long-Tail Keywords:

 Google doesn’t use random keywords to display the information on its SERP. So it is necessary to include the keywords that users use during their queries. Long-tail and short-tail are the types of keywords that are commonly used. 

Short-tail keywords mean users use only 3 words or less for their search, for example, black pen. Users who are looking for general topics will more likely use 2 to 3 short-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords hold a lot of traffic and are extremely competitive, which online marketers tend to use. The conversion rates will be lower because of the large number of competitors. Marketers may spend a lot of money on Google Ads because of the high search volume and competition. 

Long-tail keywords consist of three to five words and are more specific when compared to short-tail keywords, for example, ‘best black pen in 2021’. Because of the lower search volume, the long-tail keywords cannot match the short-tail keyword traffic but will gradually increase the traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates. Long-tail keywords best suit the brands whose motive is to target their target audience.  Long-tail keywords with more specific information will be far less competitive, and the traffic generated will lead to conversions setting you apart from other competitors.

Integrated channels:

 For more content visibility, allocate some budget for paid media campaigns. Use social media platforms as often as possible since it’s one of the biggest allies of SEO. Create some good content to promote your brand for an extended period. To get qualified leads, incorporate your keyword research into this content. Social media will be the best platform for sustaining your positive brand mentions and another way to draw traffic to your website.

Content Optimization for Branding:

 By optimizing your content, your brand may get more data and leads. Create contents that are fresh and engaging to increase your brand awareness. Blog post, guest posting, website content helps decrease the bounce rate of your website. Content marketing and SEO should go hand in hand for a brand to stand out among other competitors. Without understanding the consumer’s behavior, it’s hard to create content that may result in fewer conversions.

Every brand is aware of the importance of SEO, but they should improve their strategies to increase their brand awareness. SEO is about online visibility and a better position in SERP. Whether yours is a well-established brand or a start-up, invest some time to do Responsive Website Design & develop the best SEO strategies to prolong your success in this digital world. 

Murtaza Ali

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