5 working methods to make your laptop faster

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow running laptop, and not knowing how to make your laptop faster.  Even though there are many guides available online which claim to be able to make your laptop faster, many just don’t seem to work, especially if your not a computer guru.  However, in this short article I am going to tell you about easy methods which I have personally found which will solve all your problems about not knowing how to make your laptop faster!

By using C-Cleaner

 Firstly, if you would like to know how to make your laptop faster, then I strongly recommend you look into the free program available for your laptop, called CCleaner.  This is a free program which you can download which cleans up all the files on your laptop which you probably will not need, and will dramatically make your laptop run faster.  Furthermore, you can put it on a scheduler which means it will speed up your computer on autopilot each time you turn on your laptop, if you like!

 It basically just does all those manual methods to make your laptop faster for you, and automatically optimizes your settings to make sure your laptop is running at optimum speed.  Not to mention, you don’t even need to have a whole lot of technical knowledge to use the program, as like I said – it does all the work for you, ultimately making your laptop run a whole lot smoother, and faster.

Uninstall useless Programs

So what other ways is there to make your laptop faster?  Another really great method I suggest you use to make your laptop faster is to uninstall any programs on your laptop which you do not use, or need.  Even if you do not load these programs, they can slow down your laptop dramatically!  Everybody has programs on their laptop which they don’t use, and can be easily uninstalled to make your laptop faster.

Removing Auto Start-up Programs

This is another extremely common method for how to make your laptop faster.  Almost all computers have programs which automatically start when you turn your laptop on.  This could be chat programs, mail programs, anti-viruses, or anything like that.  Most of the time you probably are not going to need to use these programs as soon as your computer starts up anyway, so what’s the point in them starting, and slowing down your laptop anyway?  To make your laptop run faster you need to turn off the auto start option inside the programs settings.

You can also turnoff startup programs in CCleaner By going to Tools option then select startup option their you will find all programs then select the program that you want to disable.

Get SSD Optimized 2 in 1 laptop under 400 dollars

SSD drives are a fairly powerful to computers and laptops, and probably the most effective way to speed up your laptop – especially the boot up times.

Traditionally with normal HDDs (hard disk drives), there is an actual disc inside it spinning. Yes, even though it’s pretty hard to tell, all the data on a HDD is in fact stored on a disc.

The problem with this though is that a disc can only physically spin at a certain speed, and if it goes any faster it is in danger of breaking.  This ultimately means that normal HDDs have a limit to the amount of data they can process at any one time.  With limits to the speed of a HDD, this will obviously lead to your computer as a whole to slow down, as after all, your HDD is where all of your data, information, and operating system is stored.

This is where SSD drives come in.  If you are truly wanting to make your laptop faster, then this is the best method.  The difference with an SSD drive compared to a HDD drive, is that an SSD doesn’t actually have a disc inside it spinning.  Instead, it processes all information on an electronic memory.  Clearly, this will lead to data being processes much, much faster compared to a traditional HDD, and leading your laptop to run faster.

The problem comes with the price of SSD drives though.  Unfortunately, you are going to need to have quite a substantial budget to be able to afford a SSD drive with a decent amount of storage.  Typically, you can expect to pay around $100 per 1TB of SSD storage you are intending to buy.  This is pretty dear.  However in my opinion if you are really wanting to know how to make your laptop faster, then this is your solution.  Having a good CPU, RAM, etc is meaningless if it is getting bottle-necked by the slow power of your HDD.

 Overall, investing in a SSD drive and installing your operating system onto it is the best and easiest way to make your laptop run faster.  However you should probably look to upgrade your RAM and CPU before investing in an SSD drive.  With an SSD drive, you will visibly see a MASSIVE increase in the speed your laptop will boot up, programs will load, and much more!

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Improving Your Laptops Hardware

This is another costly method to make your laptop run faster, however it can be extremely effective if you buy the correct hardware.  Some areas of your laptops hardware I recommend upgrading is it’s RAM, and also possibly it’s processor.  If you are looking to learn how to make your laptop faster, then this is by far the best and most effective method.  However, I highly suggest you get advice from a computer techy before you buy any hardware or attempt to install it yourself, as it can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing.  In my opinion, this is the best way to make your laptop faster.


By doing these methods I have mentioned above, your laptops start up speeds will probably be much faster. Although some of these methods will cost you some money, in my opinion it’s well worth it, and much cheaper than buying a whole new computer system.  I urge you though, although this is a great way for how to make your laptop run faster, you must get advice from someone who really knows what they are doing before starting to mess around with the insides of your laptop.

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