6 Kitchen Essentials for Micro Apartments

The micro kitchen can be a peaceful yet clean space by using the right choices of utensils and planning.

Food and cooking is a great source of joy and fulfillment, but cooking does not mean that you need an enormous kitchen filled with fancy equipment. In the micro-apartment, we mostly have a tiny kitchen. It is always challenging to figure out what are the essentials that we need and how we can fit these into our limited space. To make it much easier to keep the kitchen tidy, even while using it, you can have the designated storage spaces or the wholesale kitchen cabinets online for every piece of item. By doing so, you can reset your kitchen to its original, peaceful state for the next session of cooking.

If you also have a small kitchen and are facing the exact problem, you can probably find the solution here. For your convenience, we have gathered the list of the products that you can use to comfortably fit everything you need into a small micro apartment kitchen.

  1.  Basic Utensil- Pan
  2. Chef’s Knife
  3. Cutting Boards Are Necessary
  4. Other Utensils
  5. Placing Everything at Their Right
  6. Plan Your Workflow

Basic Utensil- Pans 

A frying pan or one larger pan can cover most of your basic cooking needs. This is great for frying and searing and it is probably the most versatile utensil in your kitchen. For saucepans, all you need are two; one small, which will be great for sauces or boiling rice, and one larger one, which gives you plenty of space for making things like pasta.  We all have major difficulties with pans. Most of the time, pans are often heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to wash. 

Their large handles and heavy bases make them difficult to store in a small space.  Detachable handles are always great, they allow the utensil to be stacked one on top of another.

Chef’s Knife

The most important piece of equipment in the kitchen for a pleasant cooking experience is a good chef’s knife. For a long time, we used cheap, often undersized knives that are not very good. Companies often sell knives in elaborate sets with an array of sizes you only really need. The chef’s knife with a large blade and heavy handle is extremely versatile for slicing and dicing a smaller paring knife is great for vegetables and fruits. 

Finally, a large serrated knife is perfect for carving meat and slicing through baked items. It is essential when buying these items. Knives as they come with a heavy handle give you more control when cutting and ultimately allow for much safer use. 

Cutting Boards Are Necessary

Along with the knife, it is surely a time to upgrade to a couple of wooden boards. A large board gives additional versatility when cutting larger sizes and types of ingredients or for setting out food when hosting guests. For vegetables, you can usually keep the small board on your kitchen counter for quick access and timber.  

Usually, wooden cutting boards are more likely to be more durable than plastic ones. Also, they are gentler on knives and look just perfect on your kitchen’s countertop.

Other Utensils

Although you can surely make almost everything using a single general-purpose spatula, you can also choose to make your life easier by including other cooking utensils that do very well with each other. For most purposes, a bamboo spoon is used because it does not scratch the surface of your pan. You can use some tableware to serve up your home-cooked meals.  You can use the beautiful ceramic crockery because these are beautiful and full of character.  

Placing Everything at Their Right

When thinking about where to keep each piece of equipment, you can try to group them in the different spaces in our kitchen. Pots and pans can be placed in the white kitchen cabinets below the countertop while seasoning and cutlery can be placed below the prep area.  You can keep your most-used utensils, aromatics, and seasoning to the front shelf of your kitchen so that you always have quick access to them when cooking.

Plan Your Workflow

Planning our organization around your workflow can help you to be more efficient in the kitchen. Having some intelligent products can help to cut down on the number of things you have in the kitchen.  The kitchen can easily be the most dynamic place in your home. Embrace the chaos, plan your workflow, and have fun with your cooking.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, we enjoy eating food. if your kitchen feels cluttered or you’re struggling for space ask yourself how you use your kitchen and what things you use the most to find ways or products to reorganize and reprioritize to space around how you like to cook hopefully with a little careful thought and by employing this process you’ll realize that your kitchen is not as small as you thought it was. As somebody who cooks almost every day, a clean countertop and the blend of wholesale kitchen cabinets make a kitchen lot less frustrating to cook in.


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