6 reasons your entertainment website are not getting views

The entertainment industry is a competitive market. The first thing you need to do for your website to get views is understood what the competition is doing and tailor your content accordingly. The following are the 6 reasons that you’re entertainment website aren’t getting views:

1. Not Focusing On What Your Readers Want to See

Many content writers tend to focus on what they think is interesting instead of focusing on what their readers want to see. Remember, It’s not your blog or site, it’s your readers.

So if you understand your reader’s likes and dislikes then it’ll be easier to come up with ideas that they will like.

If you focus on what your readers want to see, they are more likely to share the content with their friends which in turn boosts traffic for your website.

2. Not Considering What Your Competitors are Focusing on

One of the best ways to come up with ideas that can help boost traffic for your website is to consider what other top-rated websites in the same niche are focusing on.

If you’re an entertainment site specializing in celebrity gossip then you need to know what other sites like TMZ, Thoughtnova, Perez Hilton, DarlingMagazine, and E! Online are providing their readers because if you focus on something they aren’t, it may give you a competitive edge.

3. Not Being Consistent With Your Content

Another important reason why people don’t visit your website very often is that you’re not consistent with your content. People get tired of seeing the same old articles over and over again so always try to come up with fresh and new ideas that’ll keep them coming back for more.

4. Not Using Social Media Sites to Promote Your Website

It’s easy to create accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share articles from your site with your friends or in public, but not many content writers know how these sites can help boost traffic for their website. Remember, A popular social media site has a bigger audience compared to a small blog or entertainment website so getting attention from it is very important if you want visitors to your blog.

So remember, Don’t use social media sites as a place where you waste time, use it as a way to promote your entertainment website by sharing quality content with people who may find it interesting.

5. Not Knowing How to Come Up With Ideas

If you lack ideas then that can be a big problem because if you don’t have any ideas at all, what makes you think people will give ideas . Content writers write because they have something to say so stop being introverted and share your thoughts or feelings with everyone. For this reason alone, content writing is the best job ever created because it allows people who are good at expressing themselves to get paid for doing it!

You can always brainstorm on paper by just writing whatever comes into mind even though it may not seem relevant but once you get into the groove of things, I promise that coming up with quality content pieces won’t be that much difficult anymore.

Remember, Don’t limit yourself because you can come up with ideas for your entertainment website by thinking outside the box and brainstorming on paper.

6. Not Rewarding Your Readers With Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff! I love free stuff and I’m pretty sure that everyone else does too so why not reward your readers with something for visiting and reading your content.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks just to give out a few goodies, instead you can create banners and ads offering them special discounts or coupons which will encourage them to share it on their social media sites which in turn boost traffic for your blog. So remember, If you want more views then think about how you can reward people for reading your content.


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