6 Steps to Digitizing Your Family Photos

Memories are the most incredible things to cherish. But unfortunately, memories tend to be forgotten over time, both the good ones and the bad ones. That’s why the invention of the camera changed this forever. Now, we can cherish crucial moments for the rest of our lives, and it only takes a camera click.

Even though we store all our photos on the computer or a cloud, preserving them from the negative effects of time, it wasn’t always like that. In the past, all of the pictures had to be developed. But, over the years, these pictures tend to lose their shine; they get scratches and fingerprints all over them. Also, many pictures get damaged in fires or floods.

That’s why it’s essential to digitize your old family photos and prevent anything bad from happening to them. You can do this today with the aid of photo scanners, so here you can find out how to do it.

Photo Scanners

The obligatory device you’ll need for digitizing your old family photos is a photo scanner. Fortunately, today, there are various photo scanners from different brands and at varying price points, so you’ll find one that perfectly fits your budget and needs.

As there are many, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one, so the best photo scanner with a feeder can help.

With traditional photo scanners, you have to change and scan each photo manually. Photo scanners with feeders remove this tiresome action, so you can just put all the images you want to scan in one place, and the scanner will pick up each picture, scan it, and put it on the other side. With feeders, you don’t have to do anything, as the device automatically completes every part of the action.

Numerous photo scanners come with software that can be very useful for removing the existing imperfections on photos. With it, you can tackle stains, scratches and even remove red eyes that often came due to using flash. In the digitized version, you can enjoy your photos in an immaculate condition.

The Six Steps to Digitizing

If you’re planning to digitize some old family photos, make sure to check out these six steps to get the best possible in the shortest time.

1.      Equip

The first step is to equip yourself. This doesn’t only mean finding a good photo scanner, but you need to equip yourself with time as well. This can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. You probably have a lot of pictures from years and generations ago, so you’ll have to go through piles of photographs.

If you made sure you have enough time, find a good photo scanner, preferably with a feeder, as this will save you a lot of time.

2.      Organize

After you’ve acquired all the necessary equipment, it’s time to start organizing. This means eliminating any duplicates and selecting which photographs you want to scan. The best way to organize your pictures is either chronologically or by the type of events (birthdays, weddings, family photos, and so on). Once the images are organized, you’ll see how much easier the whole process is.

3.      Scan

Now comes the main part, and that’s scanning! Depending on your scanner type, you could either scan photo by photo or put a bunch of photos on a feeder and let the scanner take them one by one. Indeed, the second option is much easier, as you can continue organizing your pictures while they are being scanned. However, photo scanners without feeders also do their job neatly.

4.      Edit

When you’re finished with scanning, you can run the photos in software that can erase small imperfections, including creases, scratches, stains, and red eyes. This will give the photographs a freshly polished look.

5.      Upload

This step is crucial. To make sure your newly scanned photos are safe at all times, upload them on a cloud or drive. This way, even if your computer gets broken or lost, you can always retrieve the valuable photos and have them again in your possession.

6.      Enjoy!

The final step is to enjoy! After you’ve completed all the steps above, sit back with your family and friends, and enjoy your favorite moments. There’s nothing like going down memory lane with your loved ones.


In sum, digitizing your favorite photos is a must in today’s age. Everyone wants to keep their photographs as safe as possible, and now we have the necessary technology to do so.

So, if you have some crucial photos you never wish to lose, grab a photo scanner, and get started with scanning before it’s too late! In this way, your favorite memories will be available to you whenever and wherever.

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