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6 Ways to Properly Wear Your Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver Jewellery is traditional and classic. They can be worn every day for casual looks and are also a perfect choice for more formal events. It is crucial to style your silver jewellery correctly to bring out its maximum potential. Wear the right outfits to make your silver pieces truly stand out and look fabulous.

Choose the best colours.

Silver Jewellery is versatile, but it is crucial to wear suitable colours, so your jewellery pops. The perfect colour to pair silver with is black. It creates a mesmerising contrast. Shades of dark blue and burgundy are also colours that bring out silver’s stunning qualities. These colours provide a warm background for your jewellery to glitter against.

Steer clear from light shades such as pastels and pale yellow when wearing silver. These colours dull silver’s shine and do not provide contrast.

Opt for simpler patterns.

When selecting clothes to go with your silver, it is crucial to be minimalistic with your choices. Wearing busy and textured patterns can draw the eye away from the simple beauty of your silver jewellery. It might create a clashing visual effect. Stick to simpler patterns, so your jewellery will truly become statement pieces.

Wear different styles for different occasions.

Another excellent tip when wearing your jewellery is to choose the right style that matches the event. You might want to try a single-layered necklace or a pair of earrings with black clothing during workdays. It will make you look elegant without looking overdressed.

For evening occasions, you can be bolder with your selections by wearing several silver necklaces as well as multicoloured jewellery.


Don’t wear all your jewellery at once.

You might be tempted to wear all your best bling at once, but it is crucial never to overdo it. Fashion designers usually recommend that either your jewellery or clothing should be the focus, but never both. Because of this, if you are wearing a detailed and elaborate dress, you might want to opt for simple earrings. But if you are wearing a minimalist black dress, then several silver pieces can enhance your look and make you look elegant.

Never wear too much jewellery to the point that it causes discomfort. In many cases, less is more and too many pieces can end up looking gaudy.

Create a layered design.

You can make a bold and unique fashion statement with silver. To achieve this:

  1. Try layering pieces by wearing several silver necklaces of various lengths that lay on your collarbone and past your neckline.
  2. Match it with several rings on both hands.
  3. Wear one or two bracelets. This style creates a dynamic and visually appealing look, especially if you mix jewellery that complements each other.

Mix pieces

There are silver jewellery pieces you may have kept for sentimental reasons. If you purchase luxurious and new ones, it will give you the chance to switch up your look every day.

Various pieces of silver jewellery are an awesome way to create diverse looks. Wear the perfect piece for the occasion. It will help you make you feel your most elegant self. If you have a cocktail party to attend, it is best to choose a dangling or teardrop style, rather than wear your everyday silver studs.

Enhance any outfit by wearing silver jewellery. Some silver jewellery pieces are designed to make you look classy and elegant. These are ideal everyday pieces and can even help transition your outfit into stand out evening looks.

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