7 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business

You’re on Instagram, looking through your carefully curated feed. Pictures of your acquaintances, content providers, adorable animals, and businesses.

No one told you to follow those business accounts; you chose to do so. And you keep following them every time you see one of their Instagram Stories or posts.

Why is it the case?

When you use Instagram for business, you must answer this question for your potential customers: why should they keep coming back for more?

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of eight Instagram tips.

First, decide why you’re utilizing Instagram for business

It’s critical to keep objectives in mind while using any marketing medium. Instagram is no exception. “What do we want to achieve?” is an excellent question to address before investing time and money in Instagram marketing.

The following are some of the most standard Instagram business objectives:

Build a community, showcase business culture and values, and sell products and services to increase brand recognition.

Make a list of your objectives and keep track of them. Consider your written objectives a formalized gut check. Because you can always look back and ensure everything you publish supports those goals.

Recognize your target market

This is crucial regardless of the type of campaign you create. What’s the purpose of creating the most beautiful Instagram content in the world if it doesn’t appeal to your target buyer?

Profile optimization 

Consider your Instagram profile to be your homepage if you’re utilizing it for business. You only have 150 characters, one link, and a few action buttons to attract potential buyers, so make the most of them.

Make sure you’re using an Instagram business profile first. Extra features for business accounts include the option to expand your profile, track content performance, and sell on Instagram.

Then, come up with an impressive Instagram bio. The following items should be included in your profile:

  • A brief explanation of your company’s services;
  • Your industry/category 
  • A tone that reflects the personality of your company;
  • Personal information  (phone number, email address, etc. )
  • Add a link

Because your bio is the only area on the Instagram app where you can publish a clickable link, it’s where you must bank. 

Take the time to figure out your current audience and who you want them to be. You should assess if they are prospective consumers or can assist you in growing your brand in some manner if you’re utilizing Instagram for marketing.

Action Buttons—additional clickable buttons for specific calls to action such as Contact, Book Now, View Shop, and so on—are also available to Instagram business profiles. Calls To action are a great way to include additional links in your profile.

Finally, don’t forget to think about your grid. When visitors visit your profile, they’ll see a grid of your latest postings. To keep your grid looking good, avoid sharing visually identical posts back-to-back.

Use a good profile picture

When it comes to picking a profile image, visitors to your Instagram profile must identify it right away. For the most part, this includes selecting one of the following options:

  • Logo
  • Logotype (the logo, minus any words)
  • Mascot

There’s no right or wrong answer here, so don’t feel obligated to choose one of these possibilities. Instead, consider what would assist visitors to your page recognize your brand the quickest.

Discover your style

It’s all about the images on Instagram. However, what works for one company may not be suitable for yours. Consider the look you want to display on your company page, then create branding rules to ensure consistency.

Pay attention to the color scheme you’ve chosen. Some of the most popular Instagram accounts employ a limited color scheme in their images, which helps them develop a distinct style. 

If your Instagram feed includes a lot of text, consider the font you’re using and how it compares to the fonts on your website and other marketing content. 

Post regularly

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule helps you appear in your target audience’s timelines. Instagram aims to offer each user the content they’re most likely to love. Thus it looks for current and relevant content to each person’s interests.

Instagram’s algorithm uses machine learning to analyze each user’s activities in real-time and tailor their feed appropriately. Publishing frequently ensures that you appear in people’s feeds and gives them more opportunities to interact with you. They’ll see your stuff in their Instagram feed more frequently if they interact with it.

Invest more in video content, call it reels or a few minutes video. Suppose you are not a professional video maker, no worries. Try an Instagram video editor for your assistance. Studies found that video content does matter on Instagram. 

You can remain on top of your content by batch scheduling posts, so your account doesn’t go quiet while you’re busy. Furthermore, scheduling allows experimenting with publishing times much easier. While there is no single best time to post on Instagram, there may be optimal periods to reach the majority of your followers. You can set up preferred time slots using Buffer, so all you have to do now is upload material to your queue, and the posts will automatically be placed in the next available slot.

Use hashtags to reach out to new people

On many social media platforms, hashtags have become a standard technique to classify information. Instagram users may use hashtags to find new content and accounts to follow. According to Track Maven’s research, posts with more than 11 hashtags receive more engagement.

However, sorting, grouping, and preserving hashtags may be tricky, with many people saving groups on their phones to copy and paste into each post before publishing. Using Hashtag Manager, customers may build and save hashtag groups right within the Buffer composer.


Lastly, engage with your audience. When using Instagram for business, you don’t have to turn your profile into a perpetual sales pitch. Instagram is a social networking site, so get used to interacting with others.

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