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7 Purple Home Décor Ideas to Add Glamour to the Interiors

Do your interiors look boring and dull? If yes, then why don’t you try purple home décor ideas? This color is in trend. Moreover, it has various shades starting from bright violet to light lavender.

Whether you cover the entire room with this color or add purple accents, it is bound to create a style statement. It will be a distinctive color in any room as it brings a unique personality to the space.

Though it is tough to incorporate purple in your interiors, it gives fantastic results if you do it properly. The following are some purple home décor ideas to glam up the interiors:

Purple Walls

Although some people play safe by choosing light and neutral colors, don’t be shy of experimenting with different shades of purple. For example, when you use a dark or deep purple tint on the walls, it creates a soothing look.

Moreover, some people believe that dark walls are best for brightly lit rooms, but this is not correct. Instead, dark walls are suitable for dimly lit rooms.

So, you can try painting the walls of a room with different shades of purple.

Gothic Style Purple

Gothic Style Purple

The Gothic style makes you use dark colors. So, purple seems an appropriate fit for home décor. A purple wall provides a perfect backdrop to showcase some art pieces. Add wall art with purple shades or hang custom prints of your fantastic photos.

It is a perfect wall to pull off a Gothic look and make interiors pleasing to the eyes. You can display a single oversized artwork or curate a gallery wall with small art pieces.

Lighting Fixtures

The best way to intricate purple in any room is by using lighting fixtures. There are different options to choose from, but the best one is a table lamp. You can look for simple designs.

However, the purple color deserves a detailed look to showcase its richness. Therefore, use a table lamp against the mosaic-tile base. This table lamp will add a unique and gorgeous touch to the interiors.

Purple Furniture

Purple Furniture

Purple home décor is not as difficult as some people believe it. So, the simplest solution is to add large furniture items such as sofa, chairs, etc. This rich color can absorb light, so it is highly preferable.

When you pair purple furnishing items with a background of a similar tone, you will achieve a perfect visual balance. The purple background will create a cohesive look and prevent vibrant furniture pieces from looking odd.

Purple Wallpaper

Some of you feel purple walls are too bold. So, why add purple wallpapers on the dull walls as they take effect to heights. Moreover, they are available in different patterns or textures.

So, you can use them to achieve a unique and elegant design. For example, when you decorate a bed with purple bedding, it will give a regal feel. But when you add patterned wallpaper behind it, it further enhances the looks.

Place an Eye-Catching Rug

Place an Eye-Catching Rug

Add an attractive rug of eggplant shade to bring in a colorful flair to the interiors. Moreover, if they have geometric motifs, they will be more impactful and complement the design.

So, it is a creative and fantastic way to add purple decorations to the room. Moreover, it provides a comfortable and pleasant feel underfoot.

Purple Door at Entrance

One of the critical aspects of home décor is to make a first impression. The best way to give an excellent first impression is to create welcoming and bold entry doors.

Purple color can be a great and memorable choice to paint the entrances. However, you can give an impression by painting front doors with deep or rich violet shades. Also, they represent royalty.

To add more impact, consider painting other doors and windows of a home with purple color.

Final Thoughts

If you love the purple color for interior décor, add purple accents with cute motifs to fab the space. Hopefully, the above-described ideas may help you glam up your space and draw the eye of visitors

You can also add purple-colored texture with beddings, curtains, table mats, and other accent pieces. It is a perfect way to decorate the space without making it overwhelming.

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