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7 Tips to Get Smarter and Improve your Intelligence

The life of many modern people consists of a routine: certain actions and decisions are made and taken automatically. In such an environment, the human brain begins to slowly “fade”, as it lacks vigorous activity. It needs training, both muscles and the body as a whole, to maintain health and clarity of thought.

 Pay attention to the elderly who suffer from poor memory and various mental illnesses. And those who, despite their advanced age, continue to reason soberly and have a clear mind and are interesting interlocutors. 

What is the difference between them? For the most part, it is their way of life. The latter constantly expand their horizons, thereby training their brain and prevent it from aging. Therefore, you should never stop developing and improving yourself. Below will be presented tips on how to become smarter and increase your intelligence level to sober memory at any age. 

Which Things Affect the Brain Health?

For having a good memory, you should first improve the health of your brain. But several things, habits or food, cause poor mental health. These include:

Drug Misuse: Misusing or abusing drugs leads to poor mental health. The chemicals in such substances relieve pain only for a little time, once it wears off, everything goes back to normal.

Alcohol: Many, who suffer from mental health issues, do excessive drinking. Also, those who drink a lot suffer from mental problems. Quit this bad habit, for having a smooth thinking process. Also, make sure you consult a doctor that will help deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, so it doesn’t get worse.

Smoking: Like other substance abuse, it has a similar effect on the brain. Nicotine damages the thinking capacity of a person, making him ill. Slowly a person loses his ability to make the right decisions and think properly.

Unhealthy Food: Our physical and mental health is linked. If any of these two is not healthy, it can disturb the other. So a person should be physically active and fit, for having an active brain. Eat healthy and nutritious food that can contribute to both the physical and mental well-being of a person.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: If you sit all day and do nothing, it will affect your brain and body. Better start doing exercises. These will improve the functionality of the whole being.

 How to Keep Your Mind Clear?

Having a clear and running mind is necessary at every stage of life. There are several tips for improving memory but we will provide the ones that are easier to follow.

1- Read Books And Magazines

 This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to become smarter, self-develop, and receive useful information. Yes, now many people learn everything using the Internet. Since it is always at hand, the volume of reading has not decreased, and maybe even increased. But the quality of the information received often suffers.

 Besides, books are read more thoughtfully, and articles are usually “scanned”. Make a list of books. Be a versatile person. Don’t be interested in just one genre. Read classics, nonfiction, topic magazines, and more. Thanks to this, you will become a multifaceted person. By making it a habit, you will see how your memory gets better with time.

2- Train Your Memory And Brain 

For our muscles to be elastic, strong, and have a beautiful shape, we need to do exercises. This also applies to the brain. If you want to keep a clear mind until old age, then you need to constantly train it in the truest sense of the word. After seven days of doing exercises regularly, you will begin to notice interesting changes. 

New ideas will start to come to you. Moreover, you will finally find a solution to this or that issue that tormented you for a long time, etc. In addition to doing exercises, you should try playing difficult quests and solving puzzles. They rejuvenate the brain, improve memory, and perseverance.

3- Learn Foreign Languages 

Learning a foreign language for an adult is always a challenge, but a very useful acquisition. It not only develops the brain, increases the level of intelligence, but it is also a skill that is always appreciated. 

4- Watch Smart Videos

You can obtain valuable and interesting information not only through books but also from other channels. For example by watching video lectures, tutorials, smart TV programs (for example, Discovery), popular science programs. If you watch videos in a foreign language, you will achieve a greater positive effect in increasing the level of intelligence. 

5- Make New Acquaintances

Any person is a source of any knowledge. New acquaintance means a new source of knowledge. The person can share information and valuable practical skills. Therefore, try to expand your social circle. 

Chat with smart and interesting people. Don’t worry that you know less. On the contrary, it will contribute to your intellectual and spiritual growth. Besides, a large circle of acquaintances helps build a career. So, develop a memory for names and faces. 

6- Observe The Regime

Train yourself to follow natural biorhythm. Go to bed at 22 – 23 o’clock; get up at 7, and preferably at 5 – 6 o’clock. To maintain the healthy functioning of the whole body, including the brain, it is important to sleep 8 hours. Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in the reaction rate. It also causes problems in formulating thoughts, as well as visual impairment. 

7- Monitor Your Health

Whether you like it or not, regular, moderate exercise and proper nutrition are essential if you want to keep your mind clear for as long as possible. Exercise improves circulation, plant foods, and water nourishes the brain. Give it a try and you will feel like your mental abilities reach to the next level.

Summing Up

Everyone wants to be an interesting conversationalist. But to become smarter and increase their level of intelligence, you need to make an effort. Only continuous development and struggle with oneself, one’s laziness, allows one to remain a sober-minded person.

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