8 incredible personal brand examples to inspire you to create your own

Personal brand examples are an important part of today’s business world. This is especially true in e-commerce, where consumers often expect trust from a familiar face. While many large companies rely on their corporate image and branding, smaller organizations often single out a specific person as the face of their client. 

This sometimes happens because the business is a sole proprietor or a single shareholder company. In other cases, the business is more significant but prefers to use one particular owner or manager as its “face”.There is a third category in which companies rely solely on influential celebrities as the face of the company. Perhaps the most memorable instance of this is George Foreman’s grill. 

This grill is manufactured and sold by Spectrum Brands. However, you will never come across this name in any brand. The company relies entirely on reputable celebrities, George Foreman’s personal brand, to market its products. We recently looked at what personal branding is. Here are 12 examples of personal branding. These are people who have realized the value of their name and therefore tend to use their own name in their marketing efforts rather than highlight their company name.

8 incredible personal brand examples:

  • 1. Sean Ogl
  • 2. Danny Eeney
  • 3. Jeff Goins
  • 4. Neil Patel
  • 5. Gordon Threadgold
  • 6. John Morrow
  • 7. Mark Manson
  • 8. Carol Tice

1.Sean Ogl

When you visit the Location Rebel site, it becomes clear whose site this is. This is largely the personal site of Sean Ogle’s odyssey.

Sean Ogl

Indeed, the first post that Sean made was his wishlist and he has continued to update it ever since.

Although Sean avoids using the About Us page, you can find out all about his life by reading his posts. One of his recent posts is “ Hi, my name is Sean,” and in it he shares 35 facts about himself.

You don’t have to read long to find out that Sean is a 33-year-old entrepreneur who writes on a blog about how he manages to travel the world and live the life he loves.

Sean clearly lives by the brand he portrays. He comes across as genuine and enthusiastic. His social media accounts complement his picture and mostly share the same profile picture. His Twitter account describes him well: “I help people build small businesses that they can run from anywhere in the world.”

2.Danny Iney

Danny Iney is the founder and face of Mirasee, formerly Firepole Marketing. He is also a former student of another member of this list, John Morrow, and undoubtedly learned some of his skills from John.

Danny Iney

Danny has always been practical about his company. Notably, if you are on the company’s mailing list, you receive emails from Danny Eeney and not from Mirazi. He writes them all in a beautiful manner, clearly from him (as founder / CEO of Mirasee).

One reason for this likely dates back to the time he was a star student on John Morrow’s guest blogging course. At the time, Danny set the record for the most guest blog posts by anyone who took this course. This has fueled massive recognition of his name and he now has signatures on many of the world’s top blogs.

3.Jeff Goins

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer too, but I see Jeff Goins’ name pretty much everywhere I look on the net.

It’s clear that he saw the value of a personal brand when he created his website. Goins Writer does what it says – this is the site where [Jeff] Goins teaches you to write better. Even his line is simple and informative: the site gives “thoughts on writing, life, and creativity.”

Under this homepage, he personalizes things even more: “Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something? ”And then asks for your email address.

The site contains reviews of famous bloggers and authors, Darren Rose, Michael Hyatt, and Brian Clark. All three reviews underline Jeff’s letter.

Inevitably, Jeff’s website and social media focus on Jeff’s books, most of which are about the writing and creative process.

It even seems to fit in with his social accounts. When I logged into Jeff’s Twitter account, I noticed that Michael Hyatt was the first among Twitter’s suggestions for who to follow – the same Michael Hyatt who states that “Jeff Goins has become one of my favorite bloggers” on the Goinswriter homepage.

 4.Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a marketing guru whose face is on the Internet. He teaches how to sell online by simulating his teachings.

He has founded or co-founded several companies that provide services to internet marketers and companies in need of marketing assistance. These include KISSmetrics (an analytics platform that tracks who visits your website), Crazy Egg (analytics software that allows website owners to see what visitors are doing when they visit your site) and Hello Bar (a service that helps you collect email addresses from your site).

Neil Patel

He is now Director of Marketing and Co-Founder of Neil Patel Digital, an agency dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies exponentially increase their traffic.

However, on top of everything else, Neil Patel is the king of online marketing blogging. For years, he wrote detailed blog posts on a daily basis, most recently on his eponymous site, Neil Patel .

Neal’s reports are solid, well researched, and usually backed up by evidence from his own experience.

Neil is largely a frontman in his companies. He even has a cartoon image of his face as an icon on Neil Patel’s website. This site consistently uses orange as its primary accent color, and it continues to do so throughout its social presence.

Neil has managed to position his personal brand as an internet marketing and SEO guru, and everything he does matches that image. He regularly uses his photo in his work. He even uses calls to action like, “Yes, I want Neil to teach me how to grow my business.”

5.Gordon Threadgold

Gordon Tredgold teaches companies and individuals simple, effective, and proven leadership techniques that deliver amazing results quickly. In fact, he calls his approach to leadership FAST, which he says includes four principles that every business needs to succeed and achieve results.

Gordon promotes his entire business around his personality – to the point that he names his website after himself, The main image on the site above the fold shows what Gordon is talking about. Most of the videos on the site show Gordon explaining some aspects of leadership. Likewise, all blog posts are written by Gordon and are his views on aspects of leadership.

Gordon has a strong social presence and has a big impact on the leadership niche. Again, he points consistently and consistently with his personal brand.

Gordon clearly understood that anyone who bases their personal brand on being a leading expert should be able to provide evidence of their leadership experience. He highlights his own leadership qualities and experience on his About Page website.

6.John Morrow

John Morrow has earned a reputation as an Internet blogger over the past decade. He grew from humble beginnings and severe disabilities to become one of the most successful bloggers in the world. And while he doesn’t use his name as the title of his blog, he still managed to create a personal brand from his articles.

John was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) as a child. This means that he can hardly move his muscles. As he stated in one of his blog posts, he should be dead by now – most people with SMA do not live to adulthood.

However, John was not ready to let his disability slow him down and prevent him from living his dream. He decided to blog and tell his story.

He achieved success while working at Copyblogger. One of his tasks is deciding which blog posts to accept, and he has read thousands of them. He learned what worked and what didn’t. He wrote up to 30 headlines for each post, discovering again what attracted the audience.

Based on this, he created his own website, which is now called Smartblogger . This site and the various courses it runs have earned him over $ 100,000 a month.

While Smart blogger is now a team effort, John Morrow has clearly created a personal brand. He has been guest blogging on the web, making a name for himself. He is active on the same social networks as his readers. The guest post-John wrote for ProBlogger became their most-read post.

7. Mark Manson

Mark Manson

Mark Manson is a self-help author, blogger, and entrepreneur. Like many on this list, he understands the importance of using his name. His website is dedicated to how Mark (personally) can help you.

Mark built his image on straightness and to the point. His site is not for the touchy. His most successful book (which made it to the NY Times bestseller list) is The Subtle Art of Not Fucking , and he uses an unedited version of that title whenever he discusses it online.

His work is so popular that he has a “Subscribers Only” section where in-depth blog posts are only available to those who pay.

Mark maintains a consistent brand image. His regular readers could probably recognize his letter, even if he did not use a signature. His messages are long, detailed, irreverent and, above all, genuinely honest.

8. Carol Tice

Carol Tice

Carol Theis is a freelance writer who has reached the pinnacle of her profession. Not only can she charge hefty prices for her work, she teaches others how to be successful in the industry.

Her main website, where she helps emerging writers and struggling writers, is Make a Living Writing. The site’s logo depicts a caricature of a woman (probably Carol herself) sitting at a computer and ready to write a masterpiece.

Carol also has a website of the same name,, which she uses as a portfolio site for potential clients who want her to write for them.

She has also created a writing community called The Den, which provides training to help writers improve their skills, as well as a forum where writers can communicate with each other.

Carol lives up to her personal brand. She uses the same headshot on her websites and social media. Her writing focuses on her skills and shows how she can help you, whether you are a writer or someone looking to write.

She also publicly defends writers and opposes content producers who underpaid and mistreat writers who don’t know there are better concerts.

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