8 Pro Tips for Mandurah Golf Beginners: The Dos and Don’ts

If you’re thinking of taking up golf in the city of Mandurah and wondering how to start, a smart strategy is to learn the dos and don’ts of this game early on. Golfing is a fabulous game but it can be intimidating for beginners. Knowing the ins and outs of the game as an aspiring golfer will make the prospect of stepping onto the course a little less daunting!

8 Pro Tips for Mandurah Golf Beginners: The Dos and Don’ts 

Golfing pros always recommend scheduling lessons if you’ve never hit a golf ball before on a respected course like Mandurah Golf Course or a similar setting. Getting lessons from a PGA professional will prepare you for your first game on the course and you’ll also be coached in all the dos and don’ts of this game. 

1. Don’t Start on the Golf Course

Golf beginners shouldn’t start playing on any golf course if they’ve never swung a club before! Instead, start on the practice range. Here, you can relax while practicing your swing or taking golf lessons. There’s no pressure to be perfect from day one! Look for facilities that include a full-length driving range as well as other practice facilities. 

2. Do Hire a Golfing Coach

If you want to play golf well, do hire a golfing coach. These PGA professionals know the ins and outs of the sport. They can teach you how to hold the golf club correctly, perfect your swing and give you tips on how to land the ball where you want it. Hiring a well-trained and experienced golfing coach will get you on the right track from the start, so you don’t learn bad habits you only have to unlearn later on.

3. Don’t Invest in Expensive Equipment From the Start

Enthusiastic golf beginners often make the mistake of buying expensive equipment before discovering if they really like the game or not—or which types of equipment they prefer.

While it’s tempting to step onto the driving range with top-of-the-range golfing equipment, wait until you know if golf is really the game for you. Also research types to discover what would serve you best. Start with a set of used clubs or those designed for beginners before investing a fortune on hot products!

4. Do Have the Basics

Start with the basics. A golf glove will protect your hands from getting calluses while you practice your swing, over and over again! Dressing in the right attire is also important and most golf courses are strict about what you wear on the range. The basic clubs should include a sand wedge, driver and a putter. And, buy the cheaper balls until you’ve improved your playing skills. 

5. Don’t Leave the Practice Range Before You’re Ready

You’re itching to get onto the golf course but don’t leave the practice range until you’ve perfected the art of getting your ball airborne! Once on the golf course, you’ll be under pressure to play quickly so if you’re not ready to swing that club when it’s your turn, stay on the practice range.

If you haven’t learnt all the basic etiquette and rules of being on the golf course, don’t leave the practice range. 

6. Do Make it Fun

Golf can be a competitive sport and pros do take this game very seriously. You do want to be successful whenever you’re at the driving range or taking your first swings on the golf course. But, there are ways of making golfing a fun experience too. Invite friends to take lessons with you and participate in social club events. Join other groups when possible and challenge other learners to a putting contest. 

7. Don’t Give Up on the First Bad Shot

Learning golf is hard work and it takes time and effort to get your swing right AND make contact with the ball. Don’t get discouraged when your first shots are bad ones. A PGA professional should be able to encourage you while guiding you through the bad shots. Their advice will help you improve your technique. 

So, keep on hitting until you start making more good shots than bad ones. You’ll be glad you did when you play your first game on the golf course and get an impressive score. 

8. Do Ask Yourself Why You Want to Play Golf

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you want to play golf. Is it because you think it’s a good way of making social and business connections? Or, is it a game you want to conquer and come out as the winner every time you’re on the golf course? Based on that reason, have realistic expectations. Still we suggest all players should put in the effort so you can be proud of your swing and land some good shots even if you’re only in it for the socials afterwards!

Final Thoughts

Professional golfers will tell you golf is a game of frustrations, bad shots, wins and unexpected highlights. Gary Player once said, “A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks.” It’s an addictive game, that gets you hooked if you play it right. So, take those lessons, start on the practice range and look forward to joining other pros on the golf course—soon. 

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