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8 Remarkable Screen Sharing Tools To Make Remote Work A Bliss

Post Covid-19, a sudden influx in work from home practice has resulted in an outbreak of needed software applications for employee collaboration and tracking. While millions of people these days are working from home, companies are striving to find different ways for communication that can turn out a great solution to an in-person meeting.

If you are also looking for such solutions. In that case, I am delighted to tell you that there are a great number of screen sharing and collaboration platforms that can replace your in-person meeting experience with a more effective one. Since the significant demand is screen sharing, these applications can provide severe dissimilar purposes:

  • Swift collaboration and virtual meetings
  • Communication with one and more clients with presentation features
  • Get tech support from the IT team to solve issues on the computer.

Screen sharing application platforms are coveted to fulfil these purposes very effectively. Thus, companies are greatly investing in buying screen sharing platforms. Though, it is not viable to buy a subscription for not frequent usage. Therefore, small businesses can opt for free screen sharing tools.

To guide you to these platforms, here are I am enlisting top screen sharing tools that can enable you to perform your organizational tasks seamlessly.

Top 8 Screen Sharing tools You Can Opt For Effective Work from Home

#1. Dead Simple: Screen Sharing Via Web Browser

It is the simplest and the fastest application for screen sharing as neither you need to install this application nor sign-up. It installs as a Chrome and Firefox extension and enables you to access the complete screen or just application window for up to four participants.

You can also email links to the participant and use audio support. In contrast, its video conferencing feature is available in the premium plan.

#2. Jisti Meet: A Free Multi-Platform Video Conferencing Tool

As an open-source multiplatform video conferencing tool, it allows you to share screen even during the calls with the ability to host and share YouTube videos with participants. Moreover, you don’t need any download or sign-up to use this tool. You can leverage this tool directly from the website, besides the Chrome extension is also present to use.

As a popular tool among software development services providers, it enables users to send invites via simple custom URLs and allows them to send messages with emojis. Isn’t it a fantastic tool?

#3. AnyMeeting: An Amazing Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing Tool

Earlier its video conferencing feature was paid but now it is free for the entire year 2020. It allows you to make HD video conferencing, and screen sharing for desktop, application window and individual Chrome tab sharing. Altogether, the participants can also share screen and annotate with each other during the meeting.

#4. Zoom- An Ultimate Video Conferencing Tools

Zoom is the most popular meeting and conferencing tool for one-to-one and one-to-many collaboration and enables screen sharing for desktop, application window, and whiteboard. Besides, it also allows you to connect the iPhone and iPad through Airplay or USB.

#5. Google Hangout: An Easy Tool for Collaboration

Google Hangouts is available around the world for quite a long time. Though, many of us haven’t used its unlimited potential. It conducts both video and audio calls while you can present your screen to other users. It is free to use and enables you to set up meetings with numbers for participants.

All attendees access through a URL.  Its business version is known as Google Hangouts Meet, which is a part of G Suite.

#6. AnyDesk: A Screen Sharing Tool for IT Support

It is a completely free and popular remote desktop and screen sharing software available for dissimilar operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

It is very popular among offshore web apps programmers, as it allows them to make changes into the clients’ system for application compatibility. From file transfer to remote access, it is simple to use and free for personal usage.

#7. LiteManager Free: A Multipurpose Tool For Remote Service

LiteManager Free is popular remote desktop software with main functions of LiteManager such as program installation & update, data protection & security, desktop video capturing, file drag and drop, etc. This is incredible application software for remote desktops allowing you to control up to 30 computers at a time.

#8. Chrome Remote Desktop: A Remote Browser-Based Application For Remote Sharing

It is a super easy application that allows you to take control of others’ desktops through Chrome browser, Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices. It also enables support for cross platforms devices and allows you to set up short term access or a longer access to both files and applications.

Wrapping Up

These are the top 7 screen sharing and the remote software application that you must try in 2020. Apart from these, there are many other applications such as TeamViewer, Remote Utilities, VNC connect that you can leverage.

And! If you want to create a revolutionary application for enterprise screen sharing using modern tech, then you must hire software developers skilled in crafting futuristic and competitive software products.

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