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9 Compelling Reasons to choose an Integrated Learning System

Nothing has more strength than dire necessity. With the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown imposed globally, Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) have been a blessing for all the students out there.

ILS is a package of hardware/software aiding the education by providing instructional content along with assessment and management tools. Typically a set of tools, integrated learning systems are often used online. ILSs are helpful in several ways, including organising educational materials and curriculum content and helping students access the same while they progress through the programme. ILSs might include course information, communication or discussion boards, evaluation mechanisms, and other tools to support education.

Benefits of Integrated Learning Systems

Ditching the traditional education system, with the help of integrated learning systems, students are no longer required to write notes mandatorily. They can watch videos, take interactive quizzes, and create multimedia portfolios. All in all, ILS helps students learn the way that suits them. Benefits of Integrated Learning Systems doesn’t end here; space below mentions the key benefits of ILS in school management systems.

#1 Benefit – Study the Way You Learn Best

Integrated Learning Systems allow a learner’s strengths to master a particular skill or subject. Students using ILS are aided via different learning modes such as visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic learners (learning via physical activities). Studying the best suited way shall help the learner become aware of their interests and develop the skills they require to be job-ready. Irrespective of the learning best suited for you, ILS will upscale the process of achieving the individual goals

#2 Benefit – Build Your Skills One Step a Time

Integrated Learning Systems make use of the building block approach. The building block approach refers to the technique for developing a set of data by creating modules under the course curriculum, which are added together to achieve the desired goals. The BB approach helps the school management systems in developing the skills step by step.

Ditching passively absorbing skills and knowledge, ILS promotes the students in the driver’s seat and aids the learning experience. Students can write, read, listen, discuss, practice, and create their way of achieving end results of the course.


#3 Benefit – Boost Your Self-Confidence

With the help of Integrated Learning Systems, students can check videos for real-life applications of a particular skill they will be acquiring. Practising the skill on their own can help learn much faster. With the amalgam of interest and self-application, students can enhance self-confidence exponentially.

Slow learners can easily access the class recording anytime they face a doubt which also promotes self-confidence. In contrast, traditional learning leaves some doubts uncleared leading to weak basics and decreasing students’ self-confidence.

#4 Benefit – Get You Job Ready

Each course developed over the Integrated Learning System provides hands-on practice of the activities and tasks. Dedicated tasks and activities help to build the essential skills required to perform the job with the help of the programme. ILS has several assignments aligned to allow you to apply what has been learned. The transition between the school and the job market is one of the major aspects of a high success rate of the Integrated Learning System.

#5 Benefit – One-on-One Support

Learning in a class of 40 to 80 students had its disadvantages. Some students weren’t able to receive the proper support. Similarly, a doubt session within a period of 40 minutes wasn’t a win-win situation. However, Integrated Learning Systems has multiple tools to enhance the overall education. It provides one on one support for the teacher and the student. Students can raise doubts from time to time, and teachers can provide individual support for the students based on the doubts raised. This helps students to learn with his/her own pace.

#6 Benefit – Take Charge of Your Learning

Integrated Learning Systems have algorithms to check on the learning progress within a stipulated period and compare the same with other students. It provides specific tools to upscale the learning process after analysing the pace and doubts raised by the student. Every student cannot learn from a particular technique; thus, ILS analyses the user behaviour to facilitate the learning process. All in all, ILS discovers the strengths as well as weaknesses and designs further steps that might help in overall learning strategy.

#7 Benefit – Strength Your Time-Management Skills

School Management Systems working with ILS are proven to strengthen the time management skills of the students as well as the teachers. Students can proceed with their pace and technique of learning. Similarly, teachers can keep a check on the performance of every student using dedicated tools. ILS compiles multiple tools to upscale the pace of learning. Some of the facilities associated with ILS include updating agenda, setting regular intervals of study, creating goals, a daily overview of the learning process and more.

#8 Benefit – Learn Like a Pro

In today’s competitive learning systems, simply knowing things is not enough. Besides providing the course curriculum and study material, ILS helps you learn how to learn. Thus, Integrated Learning Systems help you with the knowledge of your learning behaviour with the help of artificial intelligence monitored by the teachers. Knowing the user behaviour and recommending methods to learn is one of the primary modalities of enhancing the learning process.

#9 Benefit – Build Your Software Skills

With the booming technological space, ILS has been built with the help of multiple software integrations. ILS is aided by various software programs, media and applications. Learning via ILS improves the student friendliness with software. Students can grow with the course as well as the software knowledge overtime.


Considering the necessity, one must shift to the e-learning platforms to continue the education in this pandemic struck world. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, ILS platforms are easy to access and are cost-effective. Shifting to integrated learning systems has come out to be an advantage in the disadvantaged world

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