A Brief Guide on QCell Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panel brand is a crucial step when making the shift to solar energy. While some brands offer better efficiency, others promise an affordable price. It is essential to research and choose a reliable and trustworthy brand like ‘Q Cells.’

With headquarters in Seoul and South Korea, Q Cells provides high-quality photovoltaic (PV) solar products and is one of the leading manufacturers of solar systems. Q Cells dominates the market with technologically advanced solar panels. They offer a wide range of solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial requirements.

If you want to invest in solar but are unsure if Q Cells solar panels are right for you, then don’t worry; this brief guide will help you make your decision.

Benefits of Q Cells Solar Panels

While you can find a wide range of solar panels in the market, it’s not easy to find one that fulfils all of your requirements. Here are the crucial factors that make Q Cells Solar Panels a must-buy. 

1. Warranty Option with Best ROI

While most solar panels come with a 3 to 5 years payback period, they usually degrade in performance with time. However, with Q cells Solar panels, you are guaranteed:

  • 97% of minimal rated power in the first year. 
  • 0.6% of annual reduction in output from the second year
  • 83% of minimum power output even after 25 years.

It all makes Q Cells solar panels’ price worth it.

2. Superior Yield & Efficiency

The efficiency of solar panels refers to how well they can generate electricity. A low-efficiency solar panel will generate less energy in a particular climatic condition. Still, a high-efficiency solar panel like Q Cells will generate more solar power in the same climate. 

Q Cells solar modules come with advanced multi-bar technology and special nano-coating. It works like a mirror to reflect the sun’s rays that otherwise get wasted through the cell and generate more energy.

Q Cell solar panels come with a range of efficiency from 17.4% to 21.4% depending on the model you choose. If you buy a Q Cells solar panel model with 18% or higher efficiency, you’ve got yourself an efficient solar panel.

3. All-weather Technology with High Endurance & Performance

Q Cells offer an edge over other manufacturers by providing exceptional performance in real conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cloudy, rainy, clear sky or different temperatures. It guarantees excellent performance in all weather conditions.

Q Cells has designed the solar modules with: 

  • Anti PID Technology that prevents performance loss of solar cells,
  • Tra.Q™ code making every cell traceable and, 
  • Hot Spot Protection prevents the module from heating up to high temperatures and avoids burnout.

Suitable for Australian Weather Conditions

Q Cells have been tested by James Cook University to withstand extreme weather conditions such as cyclones. Q Cells has also conducted hail tests and assessed their resistance in harsh desert conditions. All in all, you can be confident that Q Cells can withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

4. Quality Control with Advanced Research and Development 

While there are numerous solar power companies, no one can compete with Q Cells technology. They have invested heavily in its four state-of-the-art research and development centres.

All four centres work to develop and apply innovative methods to manufacture high-tech products. Some of their latest innovations include Q.ANTUM TECHNOLOGY, Q.ANTUM DUO TECHNOLOGY and Q CELLS Yield Security.

Q Cells maintains product reliability and ensures the best quality by conducting many rigorous tests. They utilise their VDE-certified testing laboratory that performs four levels of testing for solar modules. All solar modules go through different tests to meet international standards. Q Cells even conducts stricter quality control tests to meet or exceed the highest safety requirements and avoid defects.

Q Cells Solar Panel Price

Even after considering all the factors, the total cost of solar panels greatly influences the buying decision for most of us. However, Q Cells solar panels’ economically ranged options take the stress out of the pricing.

The final price can also differ for customers depending on factors such as your installer, the equipment used like mounts and inverters, the condition of your roof structure, applicable government incentives and the location. Ask your installer for quotes before buying Q Cells Solar Panels.

Q Cells offer reliable and high-quality solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial use. Considering the premium features of Q Cells solar panels available at an affordable price, they are a great investment. 

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