A Comprehensive Analysis On The Life Of Expatriates In Dubai

Caucasians predominantly originate from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa want posts of management and administration in Dubai.

Many small and blue-collar owners hail originated from India, South Asia (i.e. Pakistanis), Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis. There are a lot of Filipinos (Philippines) living in Dubai and Sri Lankans in Dubai as well.

A Typical Working Day

There are different areas for educational, financial, residential, and religious areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; it could take longer to travel to work. Because the working hours start a little early in the morning in contrast to Western nations, many ex-pats take part in exercise during the morning. You can expect to work for between 8 and 10 hours at the office and then join acquaintances and colleagues for drinks during the bar with happy hour in close proximity. Return home later, eat an early dinner and shower, or take a break from TV, or out on your work. Going to nightclubs, bars and malls is a favorite pastime for the younger generation.


The most sought-after lodgings are apartments and condominiums. They are less expensive, conveniently located, and easy to locate. Dubai Apartments are, by far, one of the most inexpensive and most sought-after housing choices in Dubai. Certain ex-pat families, especially wealthy ones, reside in the full-size Dubai Villas.


There aren’t many white collar workers on public transportation. Most of them have their own vehicles. It’s easy to buy an automobile in Dubai and is attainable by anyone. With low rates of interest, it is simple and affordable to get auto loans.


Most expats dining out all the time. They aren’t wasting time cooking or cleaning their homes, even though domestic help is affordable and readily available. Families of expatriates tend to spend more time doing this. Many choose to take delivery orders because food is affordable and dining establishments don’t charge delivery charges. There are many restaurants in Dubai and you can get food from all over the world.


Weekends in Dubai begin on Fridays. Dining out, nightclubs and bars are all well-known events. A lot of people also love barbecue since Dubai is a perfect climate to enjoy it. Many beaches and parks offer grills to use.

Families of expatriates often catch up with shopping, groceries, and phone calls on weekends. The majority of expatriates do not perform household chores as the majority of them reside in apartments rented instead of purchasing a house and living there. There is no motivation to complete household chores.

Dubai is also well-known for its water sports as well as desert activities such as the safari and the dune bashing. A lot of ex-pats take part in these sports, especially when friends come to town for a visit. Activities like movies and sunbathing on the beach are just common.

Dubai Dating Scene

Life in Dubai is a whirlwind. It’s not a joke that companies are offering the best salary possible to attract the top talents to be employed in Dubai. Foreigners are more likely to work a greater quantity of hours than typical working hours because of the attraction of cash. However, an expatriate spends little time thinking about his own life. The scene of dating in Dubai is fascinating, however enough that I’ve written a complete article on the subject. There is more information on the Dubai relationship here.


The majority of Dubai expatriates receive international channels on satellite. I’ve written a thorough review of Dubai TV that I recommend reading for more information on the subject.

Schooling for Children

The main concern of expatriate families is ensuring they provide the best educational opportunities to their kids. Just like everyone else they wish to ensure that their children get the highest quality education possible. But don’t fret; Dubai has the best schools for children. If you have kids I suggest you read my comprehensive review of schools in Dubai.

Women Living in Dubai

In the end, your life will not drastically change from the way you are currently doing. There is no requirement to cover your body or head but you shouldn’t expose your body too much later. You are able to visit all the establishments that men frequent, including nights clubs and bars within Dubai. Also, you can work where men work.

Dubai is very sophisticated as well as “liberal” relative to its neighbors in the Emirates. Simply follow and adhere to the local laws and rules and you’ll be safe. This is true for males too. When you’re an ex-pat female living in Dubai I would highly recommend a comprehensive section Kish wrote about the life of women living in Dubai.

Business Opportunities

A variety of ex-pats come to Dubai to work and find it difficult to stay after a while. They certainly enjoy the city as well as the facilities and lifestyle it provides. However, they want to try something new.

The majority of the time, they are aware of the amount of money that can be made by a business and they start thinking about starting a business for themselves. If you’re in this group or you simply want to learn more, I suggest reading my article on the numerous opportunities for business in Dubai.

Dubai expatriates love their overall experiences in Dubai. Many extend their work. It’s a perfect area where assistance with labor is inexpensive and accessible, everyday responsibilities are easy and income is tax-free. It is possible to save money by working in Dubai.

If you’re currently already a Dubai expatriate or are planning to be one, I strongly suggest you look over this website in full. There are tons of useful details here; the majority of it is based on our own personal experiences living within and around Dubai. We wish you the best!Saudia Airlinesand Emiratesoffer a number of discounts for travel to that destination.

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