A Comprehensive Discussion On Over Exercising At Freedom Fitness

No one can deny the benefits of moving the body for us. Exercise is the sole thing that treats the physical, mental, and psychological issues of humans. Many people are having difficulty getting adequate exercise. The core reason behind it is the lack of motivation in them. So, they are unable to reap the benefits that exercise provides. The fun fact is some people work out but don’t reap its benefits. Yes, that kind of people indeed exist. They are those who over-exercise which is extremely dangerous for health.

Suppose you perform a workout daily at Freedom Fitness to be fit. Your whole focus is on the goal you want to achieve. However, you are still unable to get the intended effects. When you consult a trainer, he stated that you are over-exercising. So, this point raises an important question that how do you get to know that? This is important to find out to stop ourselves from getting beyond the limits.

Some Ways In Which You Can Over Exercise:

To find out you are over-exercising or not you must be well aware of basic guidelines of exercise. The adults must try to spend 150-300 minutes for a moderate workout. For intense workouts, adults must spend 75-150 minutes each week. Strength training is included in this period. There is no specific upper limit when exercise benefits get cease. So, the upper limit than mentioned can be unsafe for individuals.

·        What Can Be The Reasons For Overdoing Exercise?

The researchers have primarily mentioned two ways through which you can overdo exercise:

  • Overtraining
  • Compulsive training

·         Overtraining:

This occurs when you push yourself too hard, despite the fact that your body is not capable of doing so. You need to bring ease for yourself in these aspects of exercise:

  • Intensity
  • Duration
  • Length of workouts

All of these aspects have to increase gradually not immediately. Let’s look at some of the additional reasons for overtraining:

  • You aren’t getting adequate relaxation in between workouts.
  • Not getting adequate nutrients before and during the workout.
  • The activity is really strenuous.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Not leaving workouts while being sick.
  • Doing a workout while facing too many stressors.

·         Compulsive Exercising:

This occurs when exercising ceases to be a pleasurable activity for you. This turns into an activity you have to do at Freedom Fitness. Like you become addicted to activity. The compulsive exercisers no longer enjoy doing a workout. Another sign is that they feel guilty or get anxious when don’t do the workout.

Overexercising Signs:

  • The muscle soreness after a workout lasts for 3 or 4 days.
  • You start getting sick more than you used to.
  • Frequent injuries show that something is wrong with a workout.
  • Being constantly exhausted is a sign of over-exercising.
  • Premature muscles fatigue gives a red alert.
  • The reason for not gaining any result can be overexercising.
  • A normal level of exercise decreases the resting heart rate. But over-exercising produce the opposite result.
  • Ignoring important tasks for exercise shows addiction or unhealthy work-life balance.
  • Exercise improves mood, but overexercising makes you tense.

Risk Factors That Make Overexercising Bad:

·         Short Term Risks:

Our mood and energy level feel the impact of over exercising. The fatigue and low energy level is an indication of over-exercising. Other risks that are associated with over-exercising are:

  • Irritation
  • Anger
  • Sleep issues
  • Not enjoying favorite hobbies
  • The biggest risks that over-exercising offers are:
  • Increase in resting heart rate.
  • Loss or change in appetite.
  • Instant mood changes.
  • Increase risk of fractures, muscle strains, and runner’s knee.

·         Long Term Risks:

On a long-term basis, it can damage the kidneys and heart. If women are over exercising, they can experience a loss of menstruation cycle. Moreover, an early attack of osteoporosis. By over exercising at Fitness Freedom, you are compromising your immune system. Furthermore, over-exercising can also create mental health issues like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Precautionary Measures Against Over Exercising:

  • When you see that you are over-exercising, you must take these steps.
  • Provide your body with the necessary calories. Consume a healthful, well-balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of water when exercising. Because it is necessary for a variety of bodily functions.
  • Get enough sleep to maintain a healthy energy level in your body. This will assist you in completing your regular workout.
  • You should stop working out for at least one day. Moreover, a pause of at least 6 hours in between workouts.
  • Don’t exercise when it is too cold or hot because it can damage your body. Don’t exercise if you are coping with a lot of stressors.

Final Comments!

Everything which exceeds its limits is harmful. The same thing applies to over-exercising. So, reap the benefits of exercise at Freedom Lifestyle Fitness without crossing limits. If you find a sign of over-exercising in you, immediately take precautionary measures.

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