A Comprehensive Guide to Opening Your New Store

Whether you already own a plethora of stores in and around your local area or you’re excitedly making plans to open your very first store, it can sometimes be really challenging to decide on the details of each key component.

In an effort to bring some clarity to the process, continue reading to discover a comprehensive guide to opening your new store, regardless of the industry in which your business operates.

Host an In-store Event for VIPs

If your business is already fully operational, you may well already have loyal clients and customers who have helped you navigate the first few months and years. If this is the case, there could be no better way to show your gratitude and appreciation than inviting them to an exclusive pre-opening in-store event.

Preparing simple, yet sure to be effective goodie bags to hand out when your guests arrive will serve as a fitting reminder and souvenir for them and a way to promote your brand presence and products to a wider audience.

Invest in Geotargeted Advertising

Another excellent suggestion to create excitement and intrigue when opening your new store is to invest in running some geotargeted advertising in the months and weeks before the official opening day.

One prominent example of geotargeted advertising which you will undoubtedly have already heard of and may well also be familiar with is Facebook ads, with another recognized and established alternative being Google ads.

There are many benefits to utilizing geotargeted advertising, including the ability to customize and personalize your commercials and advertising content, a vastly improved experience for the user, as well as a tried-and-tested way to make your new store more relevant in your local area.

Furthermore, Facebook ads and Google ads also help spread the specific promotions and information you want people to know, as well as becoming a simple way to offer discounts in opening week.

Cause a Buzz!

One of the most important things you and your members of staff need to concentrate on in the run-up to the opening day itself is promotion and essentially, the more people that know about your new store, the more successful the day will be.

Not only should you swamp social media platforms with teasers and promotional material such as your brand logo and samples of exciting new product ranges, but you should also contact a renowned and established company, such as Soyang Europe, who can provide a myriad of different printed materials.

Hire Entertainment!

If your budget allows, hiring entertainment for the actual day of your new store’s opening is a guaranteed way to bring attention to your location.

Depending on the fundamental nature of your business, it may well also be possible to choose a musical act or other form of entertainment which fits the theme of the products and/or services that you provide. If your store space is full of electrical outlets, clearing a small area for a live singer is one of the best ways to make your opening day a memorable one, not just for you but for prospective customers and clients.

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