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A Drive-Through – 10 Surprising Facts About the Automobile Industry

The word ‘automobile’ is derived from two Latin words, “auto” (self) – Greek and “motion” (mobile) – French.

One of the largest revenue-generating industries is the automobile industry. It took its first step in 1885 when Carl Benz innovated a four-stroke gas engine motor car with a speed of 16km/hr. It was later patented as ‘Benz Patent Motorwagen’ on the 29th of January 1886 in Berlin.

There are nearly 1.32 billion cars on the planet which can reach a number of 2 billion by 2040. Your curiosity to learn some surprising facts about them can become your wisdom on the topic.

Fact 1: Seat Belt – ‘An Unpatented Life-Saving Invention’

Volvo introduced a three-point seat belt in 1959. The first model of the car, having a seat belt, was the Volvo 122. According to data, a seat belt saves one life every six seconds. Thinking about the significance of the seat belt in reducing injuries in car accidents, Volvo didn’t patent the invention meaning that it was free for use by all other manufacturers. Manufacturers started to make them a standard feature in their cars, and soon they were made mandatory.

Wisconsin Government subsequently made it a law. Every resident or non-resident aged above four has to wear a seat belt while in the car.

Wearing your seatbelt can reduce the likelihood of you being injured in a car crash.  Should you be injured in a car accident it would be wise of you to look for car injury lawyers Perth to help you when you require assistance with your claim for injury compensation.  The best lawyers know exactly what to do when the claims process becomes complicated.

Fact 2: Deadly Distractions

Taking your eyes away from the road while driving can be deadly!

According to a report, there are chances of an accident every three seconds whenever the driver gets distracted. The world’s first accident happened in 1891 and involved a gentleman named James Lambert. He crashed his motor vehicle into a tree in Ohio City. This first crash led to safety concerns for other drivers.

The U.S Department of Transportation research provides that drivers of motor vehicles who are male are more likely to be in a motor vehicle accident than a woman. Texting while driving multiplies the chances of an accident by 23 times.

Fact 3: When Wheels Were Spinning

On average, a car is made up of 30,000 distinct parts, and the wheel is one of them.

In 3500 B.C, wheels were first introduced in Mesopotamia. Initially, no one knew that they could be used for transportation too. The potential usages for the wheel quickly became apparent.

The wheel is an important part of any vehicle, as they are accelerated, braked, and controlled through it. An average car wheel revolves approximately 500 times for each driven kilometre. 

Fact 4: Airbags- Works in a Split Second

The airbag has been the best safety related invention for the automobile in decades.

Although they were invented as a safety measure in 1974, front airbags have only been made compulsory in vehicles since 1999. According to NHTSA, frontal airbags have saved 50,457 lives as at 2017. Statistics say frontal airbags help in reducing risk to drivers’ lives by 29% and that of passengers above the age of 13, who are seated in the front seat by 32%.

Side airbags are still not mandated by law; they reduce risk by 37% in driver-side crashes.

Airbags inflate in 1/20th of a second. There is no doubt that the occupant of a motor vehicle with airbags who also wears their seatbelt is at much less risk of an injury in a motor vehicle accident.

Fact 5: ‘American Dream’- World’s Longest Car

The world’s longest car, the ‘American Dream’ measuring 100 feet, was invented by Jay Ohrberg of California in 1986. It got recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Honouring the name ‘American Dream,’ Ohrberg included lavish amenities in the Cadillac Limo and it became famous worldwide. The car ran on 26 wheels and had a king-sized waterbed, a mini kitchen, a helipad, a Jacuzzi, a diving board, a swimming pool, two driver’s cabins, an outrageous living room, etc. Having a hinge in the middle, the car could be separated into two parts.

It was leased by automobile companies for promotional purposes. After many years spent in a New Jersey warehouse, the car has been moved to Florida for refurbishment.

Fact 6: Japan- a Whilom Leader

Japan has one of the largest and most prominent automobile industries in the world.

In the 1980s, Japan became the leading auto producer, overtaking the U.S by manufacturing and exporting 13 million cars per year. After a ramp-up by China, it stands 3rd in the list after the U.S. with the production of 9.9 million in a year.

Fact 7: Reforming the 20th Century

The automobile industry brought a remarkable industry reform in the 20th century in America. It employed one person for every six persons in the U.S.

According to Auto Alliance, the industry provides employment to 5.1% of people working in the private- sector. The states of USA with the largest workforce in the automotive industry are Michigan and Ohio.

Fact 8: Innovations and Automobile

Innovations in automobiles have always taken the world a step forward!

Henry Ford owns the title of revolutionizing the automotive industry. In the beginning, the assembly time for a Model T was 12.5 hours, this was eventually reduced to 93 minutes. Impressive, isn’t it? Ford did not stop there, and by 1927 his constant hard work at innovation allowed him to deliver a car in 24 secs from the assembly floor.

Fact 9: Recycle

Surprisingly, the most recycled product in the world is the Automobile!

In 2020, the global vehicle recycling market grossed $U.S. 20.6 billion. Nearly 25 million tons of parts are recycled.

The research states that approx. 80% of a car can be recycled. The U.S recycles 12 million vehicles every year, contributing $25 billion in GDP and employment of 100,000 people. The sixteenth largest industry in the U.S is nothing but automotive recycling.

The industry in the U.S and Canada, together, provides the steel required to manufacture 13 million new vehicles. On the other hand, it saves about 85 million barrels of oil through recycling. Best Creatine for Men

Fact 10: Don’t Slam

Be cautious before slamming car doors in Switzerland!

The Switzerland government has made it illegal to slam car doors. To be specific, you are forbidden by law from slamming the car doors between 11 pm and 6 am. The prohibition also includes washing cars on Sundays with a power washer.

These amazing facts about automobiles are still unknown to many. We hope you feel enlightened.

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