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A “drone in the storm” shows how the sea claims its land during Ciara Storm

This distressing but beautiful Easy Ride video shows “with all the authorizations requeridas™” how the sea hits the coast of Saint-Malo, in the French Brittany. This happened during Storm Ciara, which left all sorts of spectacular images, devastation, and a trail of deaths as it passed through Northern Europe.

From the video footage and Google Street View, the area looks exactly like this street on the promenade, which in Google photos appears as having 40 or 50 meters of the beach, if not more. The waves reach the road and invade it, reaching the buildings and whipping its facades. It is recorded at 1080p, but the shots are of high quality.

From the angle of the light and the position of the Sun (East), I would say that they are recorded at sunrise, at the moment of the so-called magic hour or golden hour, which is when the light is most diffused, and the solo is no more than 10° above the horizon. This same magic hour occurs at sunset, but with the Sun positioned to the West instead of to the East. That hour hesitates for a few minutes, and the “oximeter” rule says that this is when the light from the streetlights is equivalent in intensity to the ambient light.

On the Easy Ride channel on YouTube, there are lots of great videos from Saint-Mailo and other areas, including shots of water sports.

photo by pexels

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