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A Few Existential Practices Involving Big Data

The handling of big data is a complicated undertaking. And utilization of big data for easing up the fast and turbulent present is a tale of complications. Like all the other things we must do for future humans, embracing big data is maybe the most important at the moment. We have the means of doing so. A potential leadership in the big data ventures can also be called up if needed. All we need more is perhaps the willingness of being a part of this big data revolution. Let us discuss the practices involving big data analysis. And explore the opportunities we have already for making the right contribution.

Disaster management

Big data can reveal where the next storm might hit! Or which cities need immediate evacuation for earthquake precaution. Maybe, where the new product will sell the most. How bad the pandemic will become in 2021 however, can not be predicted properly due to the “novel” barriers. Big data is saving hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives every year, repeatedly, accurately. Storms and earthquakes are now predictable. An economic disaster? Well, that’s within the big reach as well. Maybe in a promised time, Big data can warn us regarding where and when the next bullet gets fired.


Precision treatment

According to, taking great care of the patients has never been this sensible thanks to big data. Big data allows almost instant epidemiological investigations before prescribing a drug. Not just in terms of the effectiveness of the drug, but also in terms of side effects, big data can help. A hospital with big data capabilities can prepare for all the probable aftermaths of treatment administration. A life in need of care was never handled with this sensibility in all of our history. Big data grants the power of knowledge and the knowledge of power in a complimenting harmony.

Advanced Farming

When a farmer can prepare for the next locust attack no harm can be done to the yield. When he knows what his soil can produce no one can go hungry. And selecting “what to farm?” with the help of big data analytics invites the farmer towards safe and sustainable professional life.

Though most of the farmers in our country have access to electricity, the Internet and big data in practice seem far-fetched. But, the new generation of farmers found depending more and more on big data analytics for a better yield and more assured profits.

Media and entertainment

What you look for today might try to find you tomorrow! That is how the media works in our time. Search engines and internet media platforms are trained to remember what you find interesting and sometimes what you need. Why the generosity? Well, this apparent kindness is business in disguise. Thankfully the businesses mostly get to know what intrigues you so that you can be targeted for a particular kind of entertainment. And rather not imagine a day when everyone will know about everything we need! Triggers thoughts about disaster management right?

Traffic and location

Try to remember the last time you asked a random person about a random address. The most likely answer is “I don’t remember”. The drivers and riders of the day can simply avoid the traffic by an alternative route and be on time at work. Memory is not required for this stunt all you need is a smart device with internet access and a display! Today it is possible to know how far from home your beloved restaurant is. and how long it might the delivery executive take to deliver the hot soup you ordered.

Alongside domestic applications, the Logistics industry is grabbing the benefit as well. Delivery fleet and transport fleets now can be tracked accurately and assisted with precision. Dealing with traffic has never been this easy. And the benefits? Better fuel economy, low vehicle running costs and more money in your pockets!

The “But” we must overcome

But, before conceiving the thought of being a big data professional a big data online training is highly recommended. Big data analytics can be taught and learned perfectly. And there are opportunities for remote work as well.

Just after the COVID19 ordeal is over the first course of action will be to look for at work training. Something more effective and punishing to some extent. Online training can surely be of help, but nothing compares to the pressure of deadlines and a sense of responsibility as major admonishing factors.

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