A Guide to Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

When you take a whiff of the Sour Diesel CBD hemp flower, you will understand the reason behind its name. It has a strong scent of gasoline that mixes with a relaxing lemon hint to scintillate your olfactory system, taking your mind on an energizing, euphoric high.

This article offers you a guide to Sour Diesel, one of the highly ranked strains in the world of cannabis. You can also check out Cheef Botanicals to learn about other amazing products that you can get from the strain.

A Brief Description of Sour Diesel

The strain is 10 percent Indica and 90 percent Sativa, placing it among very popular strains in the market. From the appearance of its buds and leaves, you are sure to expect nothing less than an exciting buzz.

The plant has round, chunky calyxes that are light green with dark sugar leaves. Its pistils appear to be shooting into the air like flames and they vary in color. You can get them in hot orange or light peach colors. Sour Diesel is a little beauty and a blessing from Mother Nature.

The distinctive feature of this hemp flower is its petrol-like, pungent smell. It clings to its buds, then lingers for a while when lit. The “sour” aspect could be based on different interpretations because it depends on your unique perception. However, when opening a bag containing this hemp, you can tell its potency from its strong smell.

If you like to hang around the gas station to catch a little “high” that follows the filling of your tank, you may find Sour Diesel pleasurable. Also, if your sense of perception is not a fan of diesel smell, no worries. The taste is sweeter than the diesel smell. The mood-lifting buzz that you would get would make it worth the time.

History of the Sour Diesel Strain

The actual origin of the hemp is quite hazy. Some people believe that Chem Dog, a cannabis breeder, is the founder of the strain. He introduced it around early 1990 from crossbreeding Skunk phenotype, ChemDawg, and Northern Lights.

Others believe it’s a crossbreed of the Original Diesel (Northern Lights + Super Skunk + ChemDawg) and one unknown phenotype of Skunk (Northern Lights + Hawaiian + Skunk).

Whether it is a bastard child in the marijuana kingdom or not, this hazy origin will not deter a determined pot lover.

Energizing Effect

When you want to enjoy this strain, you do not have to wait till it is 4:20. The ideal time to roll a joint is very early in the day. This wake n bake session would leave you pumped and ready for your day’s task.

An Indica strain induces calm, introduces a zoned out bodily and mental climate. And sometimes, it is inconducive to logical social interaction. On the other hand, a Sativa strain climbs high on the energy chart and Sour Diesel being 90 percent Sativa strikes fast.

It produces a cerebral psychoactive effect that is euphoric. However, it only affects the head and leaves your body to function as you would please. So, there is no chance of experiencing a couchlock all day. You may want to visit to find out the effects that you can get from Indica and Sativa strains.

The energy which Sour Diesel generates is laser-sharp and focused. It stimulates creativity and can flick on your switch to an increased mental state. Try taking a drag and it will convert you into an idea generator in split seconds.

Side Effects

This CBD hemp flower is an amazing plant that has more high sides than low sides. Hence, as part of its side effect, you could get a minor cottonmouth. This is the result of eagerly packing more than you need into your pot and puffing them straight up.

If you are not a regular smoker, here’s what you need to know…

The hemp gives a cerebral high which could lead to anxiety, paranoia, and an inability to sustain attention if you’re not accustomed to such intense sensory stimulation. Hence, newbies should not try to take it all at the same time. Instead, taking one hit per time until you find your rhythm would be better.

Chemical Composition

The plant has a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level that is higher than the normal. This contributes to its energizing, fast-acting, and mood-elevating cerebral fuzz. Also, its cannabidiol (CBD) level is quite low. CBD is the chemical component that can induce sleep and a complete cooled-off vibe.

Medicinal Properties

The strain is popular among medical users of marijuana as well as recreation smokers. Medical users benefit from its energy enhancement and mood-elevating qualities. Taking a puff at the break of dawn takes away depression or anxiety.

Additionally, it is useful in fighting stress or fatigue and for an additional creative simulation. However, it is worthy to note that Sour Diesel cannot bring relief to general body pain. This is because it sustains the high within the cerebrum of the brain and leaves the other parts of the body intact. So, you can still walk around and dip your hand in a cookie jar.

You may want to read this article to know about marijuana for pain relief.


Sour Diesel is a sought-after strain that offers a lot of benefits to its users. Whether you are a medical user or a recreational smoker, you can find a variety of this great specimen. Because of its popularity among marijuana users, you can find it almost anywhere, in dispensaries and online stores.

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