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A quick guide to turn your smartphone into a professional camera

Professional photography, as a career, is changing faster than ever before. The advent of flagship smartphones that packs high-end camera features is truly a game changer. On the other hand, demand for high quality images are also rising with a surge in social media.

As a Photographer, you should grab this opportunity to expand your professional reach. But the need for huge investments in DSLR cameras and allied accessories may act as a hurdle for you. Moreover, there is a high level of competition in the photography sector. If you do decide to get into photography as a career consider looking at insurance for photographers.

You can rise above all these challenges by investing wisely in your smartphone. A good quality smartphone with all the proper accessories is enough for you to deliver high quality photography works. Let us explore the options to upgrade your smartphone to a high-performance camera with minimal investment.

The Rise of Mobile Photography

Smartphone photography offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional photography. In the past, bulky DSLR cameras and numerous lenses were the norm for a photographer’s kit. Apart from this there are accessories such as tripods, storage devices and lighting equipment. Now your smartphone has the capability to transform into the ultimate photography tool.

Can my smartphone completely replace a professional DSLR camera? Does it affect the quality of my work? These are some common questions that millions of photographers often ask. The answer is yes; your smartphone can replace and even produce better results if you invest in the right accessories. We will help you to pick the best five accessories for powering your smartphone photography.

Top 5 Accessories for Smartphone Photography

Selecting the right set of accessories can elevate your smartphone to a proper camera. In recent times, any good quality flagship smartphone comes with plenty of features such as AI focus, image stabilization, filters and pro mode for better photography. But it also requires some external accessories that can deliver professional level quality.

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There are plenty of smartphone camera accessories available in the market. But while choosing them you need to focus on quality, work types (indoor/outdoor). Considering all these aspects, we have picked the best 5 accessories for you.

1) Viewfinder

View finders are a great tool in professional photography that helps in capturing high quality photographs. During outdoor shoots, exposure to direct sunlight can cause glare on the screen. This prevents the photographer from getting proper focus on the object resulting in poor quality output. A poor output image with blurred edges and out of focus object can hamper your work quality. A portable viewfinder solves this issue by giving you a clear cut view of the frame. These detachable viewfinders can turn your smartphone into professional quality DSLR camera. If you are looking for professional photography assignments, this is a must-have accessory for your smartphone.

2) Portable Spotlight

Majority of the smartphones gives an average performance in low lighting conditions. In indoor photography lack of proper lighting is major hurdle for producing good quality images. This results in grains in your output. The inbuilt LED flashlight on smartphones are not enough if you are looking for a high performance. Relying completely on inbuilt flashlights can create photos with uneven light exposure. A portable LED spotlight acts as a constant light source providing appropriate light exposure. Having such a lighting arrangement reduces noise in the photos resulting in better contrast. These portable lights can be easily mounted on your smartphone. In advanced lights multiple options for controlling exposure such as diffusion, custom filters etc. can be easily incorporated.

3) Add-on Lenses

Many smartphones in today’s market boast of high quality lenses. While this ensures good quality amateur photos for personal use, professional photography needs much more. As professional photographers, you will come across multiple assignments such as modeling, product shoots, travel photography, etc. Each assignment requires flexibility in the type of lenses as per the situation. Additionally, it also varies depending upon indoor and outdoor shots. Add- lenses are detachable and can provide much-needed flexibility for professional photography. It is a critical component that elevates your humble smartphone to the level of a DSLR camera.

4) Remote Trigger

Handling a smartphone is a critical aspect of capturing good images with proper details. Any slight hand movement during clicking can spoil the focus and produce a blurred image. As a professional photographer, you would always want to avoid such a situation. A remote trigger helps in reducing direct contact with your smartphone after you have set the focus on your frame. You can connect the remote trigger with your phone through the Bluetooth application. It syncs well with multiple camera applications and can click pictures without lag.

5) Mini Tripod

Stability and proper positioning of your smartphone are necessary for professional-level photography. In the case of sleek and lightweight smartphones, stabilizing them with hands is a daunting task. Like in DSLR photography, tripods are very useful in the steady positioning of the smartphone. Multi-function tripods are an optimal solution for a hassle-free photography experience. Apart from the traditional tripod mode, they can be used as selfie-stick and monopod also. This comes with special smartphone mounts that can attach almost all types of smartphones. A tripod is a must-have accessory in your smartphone photography arsenal if you want to become a professional photographer.


If you are keen on starting your professional photography services, it’s high time you start investing in some of the best accessories for your smartphones. Read to fix Microsoft Outlook Error.

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