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Abbygale Ritualo: The digital marketing consultant

Abbygale Ritualo is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Tech entrepreneur, UX/ UI web designer, SEO expert, and author/writer. She is the OC Marketing Solutions founder, helping small and medium businesses grow using innovative marketing techniques. She produces authoritative, long-form content about Google Analytics, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc., almost every day.

 Last few years, Abbygale Ritualo spent years to building her online business while also working as a Marketing Director in a resto-bar-hotel company. 

Start-up plans

She started her marketing career at a resto-bar-hotel company. She has valuable experience doing marketing stints and competitive promotions, adapting to the latest online trends to attract and transform consumers into repeat customers. Repeat customers show her work effectiveness. She never thinks odd to take small projects. She gives proper intentions to all-size projects her this humbleness makes her a successful marketing consultant. 

Honest consultation

As she has is has visions to give wings to small businesses. She gives genuine consultation that helps you to grow your business rapidly.

She will define all the methods and strategies that help in growth. OC marketing solution is the best marketing platform for your business and your social media accounts and increases their ranking.

Repeated clients

OC marketing solutions company has repeated customers and these clients taking services for years. Repeated clients show the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and ranking.

Affordable plans

OC marketing solutions offer affordable and practical strategies that change the life of your business. They will target the actual consumers that will increase the growth of your business. Its best and effective solution for small and start-up businesses.

Effective marketing plans 

Abby has valuable experience in marketing fields. She is outstanding in her skills. Before founding OC Marketing Solutions, Abby was a committee head for the Orange County Technology Council and saw the rise of technology and online-based marketing. Online trend marketing solution was changing the power of business owners to use technology to gain a competitive advantage and scale their growth. She can give new heights to your business. 

Developing sites and social media

Her previous experience in developing websites, managing social media accounts, and doing graphics jobs for different marketing spiels helped her create a new vision for how online marketing could adapt to ever-changing marketing trends. 

Award-winning OC Marketing Solutions Company

They are based in Orange County, California. Abby starts OC Marketing Solutions company. Business Development Consultation specializing in Social Media accounts Management and organic online presence that increase their organic growth. They work exclusively with start-up businesses and small businesses, helping them to grow and scale profitably.OC marketing solution company become successful and is an award-winning Marketing.


Abbygale Ritualo has expertise in marketing, and his company, OC marketing company, is award-winning. Her company is an award winner that shows their hard-working and effectiveness. If you are want marketing and searching for the best marketing solutions, you can have consultations. You can give new and favorable heights to your business.

you can quickly contact these are the social media handles:

Instagram: abbyyy128



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