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Advantages of having a CCTV camera system

Some time ago, it was believed that having a video surveillance system or CCTV camera (closed circuit television) was a luxury. However, given the growing wave of insecurity for many sectors and businesses, acquiring a CCTV system is not an expense, it is a necessity and an investment. 

While each sector has its needs, all point to a common goal: the protection and supervision of persons, goods, and the environment. The people in charge of the system (IT) have access to it. Being able to monitor it in real-time and remotely. 

You increase the peace of mind of your family, customers and employees when you have a CCTV camera

By having a CCTV, the feeling of security within the space in which it has been established increases. Why what? someone else observes or supervises what happens generates a sense of confidence in what can happen. 

You reduce the risk of being robbed.

Thieves deliberately aimed at companies with poor security, and will think twice if there is a risk that can be seen by a camera. In fact, a CCTV system is a very important and determining factor that can considerably reduce losses in a company.

Incident record. 

With a CCTV camera system, a base of videos is created about each situation that occurs within the place. With this there is a greater probability of detection of possible offenders.

Control from anywhere. 

Another benefit is being able to monitor what is happening on the premises while you are not there. This can be made possible, even from various mobile apps, regardless of geographic location.

Improvement of quality service

You can greatly improve your services, because through security cameras observe the behavior of your consumers as well as the actions of your staff. 

Video Analytics. 

Currently, cameras and solutions with video analytics with artificial intelligence are offered that can allow us not only surveillance and control, but also to be able to take advantage of the information collected through video, such as people counting, flow or travel of people through a certain area, among others   multiple analysis options.  

For a system of video surveillance to be effective it must be tailored, taking e n account the environment in which it will be used, the type of business and size of the site. As well as it has to be specified if it will be necessary, on the one hand, to record every detail or if it will be necessary to use   infrared technology at night. 

Why Digital Recording?
  • It does not need human intervention every day
  • Provides high resolution images (without depending on the copying process).
  • Provides instant access to footage being recorded (without having to rewind tapes).
  • It makes it possible to share information: generate reports, export video, print photos, …
  • It makes it possible to control multiple remote points from the central point.
  • On-the-fly review of remote sequences.
  • Remote configuration and update of units.
Why Image Transmission?
  • Visualize, from any point, everything that happens in the company and what happened several days or months ago.
  • Check the alarms through images in real time.
  • That there are no false alarms because they are eliminated.
  • Make law enforcement action faster and more efficient.
  • Take advantage of elements of the conventional security system.
System characteristics
  • Great image quality, with high recording and transmission frequencies.
  • You can record and broadcast at the same time.
  • There are different levels of features according to specific needs.
  • Use of all communication networks.
  • Remote management of various facilities.
Software Features
  • Different screens structured as agenda.
  • It allows viewing and ordering data from remote facilities, viewing and recording live video, playing recorded video, receiving and processing alarms, taking photographs and reports, and consulting the historical list of events and images.
  • It has a signal panel visible in any session.
  • It has security passwords to operate and configure.
  • It has video output for VCR recordings.
  • It has all the possibilities of communication lines ISDN, PSTN, and redundant communication by TCP / IP. 

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