All about Israel and Palestine Conflicts

When the Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat went to Israel and made his now famous speech offering peace in exchange for nothing but land. It was a stunning moment that changed history as we know it today because before this offer there had never been an official ending or resolution between these two countries since they became enemies during World War II when Britain divided up their colonies among themselves rather than give them all back at once like promised by treaty agreement signed before going into combat against Nazi Germany.

The Palestinians were also discussing potential proposals which would have led towards lasting solutions; however, none ever came into fruition due largely.

The Palestinian Intifada, or uprising brought about a great deal of violence in which people were killed and injured on both sides. The unrest continued for years with many victims who lost their lives because it wouldn’t stop until someone gave up completely.

The Palestinians’ demand was freedom from Israeli occupation while the Jews to the very wanted peace through security agreements that would protect their homeland if they had one – but no matter what anyone wants there can never be true equality when one side has all power over another.

The Oslo Accords were a historic agreement that set is to out the framework for peace in Israel and Palestine. The two pacts, signed by Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chairperson Arafat is the respectively established an administrative body known as ‘the Palestinian Authority’ which would oversee much of daily life within occupied territory until 1999 when new agreements could be made more permanent.

The terms agreed upon at this time proved fragile; they merely created one authority responsible is the for civil affairs like taxes etc., while reserving other the must matters such as to the security or Jerusalem Holy Site issues beyond its scope – but it still offered hope after years.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is one that has been ongoing for decades. The PLO, a recognized negotiating partner by both countries involved in negotiations since 1991 but without success to date due primarily on key issues such as Israeli settlements which are viewed very negatively by all parties involved – not just those who live outside their borders or have other concerns regarding security threats coming from this region.

This passage talks about how unresolved matters related with regards to what happens at Jerusalem; whether it should be considered simply another country’s capital instead if being Set boundaries around its own people (Palestinian).

In the year 2000, a second intifada broke out in response to Ariel Sharon’s visit and prayers at Judaism’s holiest site. This violent conflict would last until 2005 leaving hundreds of dead on both sides of this fight for land rights among other things including religious temples being destroyed or converted into restaurants by Arab Muslims during these times when peace seemed impossible due it all violence happening around them but yet still they continued fighting because there was nothing else left waiting just outside their doors.

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