All About land of Israel

Israel is a small country with many unique physical features and microclimates. These make it home to some very different places, from the bustling coastlines in Mediterranean region all across central Israel down through its hottest, driest desert climate neareq Negev border – where average monthly temperatures can hit 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius)!

The coastal plain, a narrow strip of land about 115 miles (185 km) long that widens out to 25 or 40 kilometers southward in Israel’s Mediterranean coast has been home for thousands upon generations. A sandy shoreline borders this country’s shores with many beaches along it where tourists can enjoy swimming and sunbathing all day long while children play near waterfalls into email distance from bustling cities like Tel-Aviv which offer modern amenities but still keep their old world charm!

The three high mountains in Israel are collectively called the Galilee Mountains. The highest peak, Mount Meron at 3963 feet (1 208 meters), is located near Mt Hermon and extends into Lebanon to form part of their border with Syria as well as keeping watch over Damascus from its summit!

The second-highest point can be found just south where it borders on Beer Sheva – 2 July Sharon Region . It’s known locally rather proudly because this mountain prevents storms coming up north during harsh winter months while also providing spectacular views over surroundings areas like Benjamin River Valley below.

The Mount Carmel range is a spur extending northwest from the West Bank highlands, culminating in an impressive 1,791-foot (546 metres) peak. This proud landmark can be seen tiers above sea level and forms one side of Israel’s famous Levned HaEmek trekking route that leads all across our beautiful country!

The Great Rift Valley is a long fissure in Earth’s crust that begins beyond the northern frontier of Israel and forms several valleys running generally south, all across this country. One such river flowing through these reaches would be The Jordan River which marks part on its border with another nation – Jordan! It starts off at an elevation 500 feet higher than sea level before descending down into either territory as it makes way towards delta regions near where old divertible dams used for irrigation once stood

It can easily take up most or even complete entire pages just discussing what there about.

The Jordan River, one of the great rivers in world has its source at Lake Tiberias and flows south through Jordan’s Petraea Valley before crosses into Israel. The river continues on past Amman where it becomes divided by citrus groves on either side before reaching scriptive rocks with views overlooking Knight’s Island below them which is located just off shore from Aqaba City

The first part ____is called “the Books” because there were many Scriptural accounts written about this area during ancient times.

The Negev is a sparsely populated region that includes the southern half of Israel. This flat, sandy desert narrows down towards its south where it becomes increasingly arid and breaks into sandstone hills cut by wadis before finally coming to an end where ʿArava river meets Elat

The Arrow shaped land can be said as being one long stretch with various interesting geographical features such at cliffs in some places or rocks piles called ” Canary Islands” which were created when heat from volcanic activity caused saltwater mixing during maritime eras

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