All You Need to Know About a Solar on grid inverter

Solar on grid inverters are a crucial part of the on-grid solar system that regulates the current flow. These inverters perform the task of converting the Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Here are the details regarding what solar on grid inverter is:

On-Grid Solar Inverters: Meaning and its Role

A solar on grid inverter is also called a converter, as it converts unusable DC electricity to usable AC electricity. But the task is not just limited to the conversion of electricity. 

It offers the following functions:

  • Energy Conversion 

Most households are dependent upon the Altering Current. Therefore, the Direct Current cannot be used in its original form. The grids are responsible for this conversion, depending upon the household requirements.

  • Ensuring the Safety of the System

Solar on-grid investors are powered with a safety system that helps to protect the on-grid solar system from any electrical damage. 

  • Regulating the Power Output

The task of a solar on grid inverter is to optimize and convert the power output to deal with electricity fluctuations.

  • Grid Assistance

These inverters allow two-way communication with the power grid, i.e., the inverter will feed the grid with excess energy and draw energy when necessary. Also, the solar on grid inverter can detect any disturbances in the power grid, allowing the solar system to switch to a safe mode. If necessary, the inverter can shut down the power supply if the grid fails.

  • Tracking Power Production

This system allows you to track the power production to allow you to measure the excess power that is produced during each cycle.

Types of On-Grid Solar Inverters

The on-grid solar inverters are of 2 types including:

  • String Inverters

The string inverters are directly connected to the grid and are used for both commercials as well as domestic purposes. These inverters are usually not backed by batteries.

  • Micro Inverters

These inverters are relatively smaller but costlier. It comes with a capacity range of 200-350 Watt. The micro-inverters are ideal for all those places that face a disparity in the amount of sunlight received by an individual solar panel. 

Application of On-Grid Solar Inverter

The solar on grid inverter is a cost-effective and sustainable energy source that is suitable for domestic as well as commercial use. Difference inverters are apt for different uses. Keep scrolling through to know the details:

  • String inverters and micro inverters are used for domestic applications. 
  • High-capacity central inverters are used for industrial applications. 

Benefits of On-Grid Solar Inverter

Solar on grid inverters have gained huge popularity owing to the benefits it offers to users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Solar on grid inverter is easy to maintain.
  • These inverters are cost-efficient, therefore, can be easily afforded.
  • These solar inverters are easy to install as no additional equipment is required.
  • The on-grid solar inverters are optimized to produce the maximum energy.
  • As soon as the electricity goes off from the grid, these inverters shut down the power supply.

Final Thought

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