Alphabet Quarterly Earnings: What to Expect

Alphabet is releasing its Q1 ’22 earnings report on April 26th after market hours, and it’s one you’ll want to watch closely as its earnings are likely to have a major impact on how the stock performs. This article will delve into what you can expect from Alphabet’s earnings and how it could impact its share price.

EPS and Revenue Results

In last quarter’s earnings report, Alphabet earned $30.69 per share, beating analysts’ expected projections of $27.68. It also made $75.33 billion in revenue for the quarter, compared to the $72.27 billion predicted by analysts.

For its upcoming Q1 ’22 report, the consensus EPS forecast for the quarter is $25.90, down 1.48% from the reported EPS for the same quarter last year. Analysts forecast revenue of $68.22 billion for the quarter, up 23.34% from the reported revenue for the same quarter last year.

These estimates give investors a good idea of the company’s earnings prospects, but how the actual outcomes compare to these forecasts is a major factor influencing its stock price in the short term. If its earnings are better-than-expected on April 26th, it could help the stock move higher. However, if they fall short of expectations, the stock may decline.

Investors will also want to listen closely to future earnings expectations as management’s discussion of business circumstances during the results call will likely impact its share price.

What are Analysts’ Price Targets for Alphabet?

Alphabet stock has recently received attention from several analysts. Here are their price targets for the company:

  • Deutsche Bank gave the company a “buy” rating and a $3,150.00 target price.
  • Jefferies Financial Group raised its target price from $3,500.00 to $3,600.00 and gave the stock a “buy” rating.
  • Credit Suisse Group raised its target price from $3,400.00 to $3,500.00 and gave the stock a “outperform” rating.
  • Bank of America raised its price target from $3,210.00 to $3,470.00.
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised their price target from $3,250.00 to $3,450.00 and gave the stock an “overweight” rating. Three research analysts have given the stock a hold recommendation, while twenty-eight have given the stock a buy rating.

Ready to Trade Alphabet’s Earnings?

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