Alternatives for diamonds your wallet will thank you for!

Who doesn’t love a classy diamond bracelet or a glittery necklace? We sure do and we are sure you do too! After all, it is the cherry on top of your appearance, allowing everything to harmonize with each other, while also being in the spotlight itself. However, the issue comes down to the numbers on the price tag, which is often the reason that makes or breaks the purchase. Well, we have some fantastic alternatives that will definitely satisfy your tastes as well as your budget!

Man-made diamonds

Lab grown diamonds London is an exceptional choice for someone looking to get themselves some luxury jewelry pieces. Coming at nearly half the price of natural ones, they do not disappoint in terms of looks. Since they are grown in controlled lab conditions, they are nearly flawless, offering a pretty glittery appearance. If you are feeling doubtful, we assure you that they are the real thing! You receive everything you expect from natural ones and more if bold colors are your thing. That’s right! Lab-grown diamonds can be made to show colors that may not appear naturally, this makes them great for personalized gifts as well!

Wholesale diamonds

This choice gives you a little more liberty in choosing your preferences. Wholesale diamonds London are essentially loose gems that you collect from a trader. Although this is usually taken in larger quantities, this is a cheaper option if you plan to own several pieces with diamonds. You receive some gemstones of different shapes or colors that you can get cut and placed into jewelry of your own pick, effectively reducing the overall cost if you were to buy that many from retail instead.

Cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a gem that mimics the appearance of diamonds, usually called a stimulant. It is a stunning option, coming with familiar cuts and shapes such as cushion cut or emerald cut. While it may not be identical on close observation, it is a great choice if you are okay with a less luxurious gemstone in return for a lower price range.


This is yet another white gemstone that you can choose instead. Moissanite is well known for a unique rainbow shine and a “fiery brilliance” that makes it sparkly. In jewelry, this can certainly amplify any wardrobe for a party or an evening out!

We hope our little guide has helped you figure out what you should go for according to your circumstances and liking. An expensive fashion decision is one that takes time but one that will help you express yourself so we advise you to listen to your heart. Lastly, happy shopping!

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