The ability to arrange sounds in a certain order using warbles, chimes, measures, and tone is known as music. All human civilizations agree on this aesthetic aspect. Pitching (which regulates warbles and chimes), measures (and its generalization speed, measures, or fluency), dynamic (loudness and softness), and the auditory properties of texture and tone are all common song classification rudiments. Music is one of the few things in life that can truly make people feel alive. It is a great way to relax or get pumped up for anything. Now, music is a huge part of life. It can be a great way to escape from the stresses of life or to just enjoy a few minutes of purity. We come across numerous persons who contribute to making our life better in this profession, and one of them is Amin Homaei, an Iranian musician and composer. He’s been professionally making music since 2020. Amin Homaei is continually extending its repertoire, collaborating with outstanding bands and artists from other genres to find the ideal sound and style for them.


Amin Homaei (Persian: born July 13, 1984) is an Iranian musician and songwriter. After graduating from Farabi High School, Amin did not attend any university. He worked on the trains, following in the footsteps of his relatives. He began playing music at the age of eighteen. The piano was his first instrument. He learned the fundamentals of music from two piano tutors. He attempted improvising but became exhausted early in his courses. Until 2017, he would primarily work at his father’s factories. He dropped everything and went into music creation at that point. By 2019, he was only writing songs on his computer for himself and not sharing them with anybody. After hearing one of his songs, he decided to distribute it. He recorded and published his debut album Spring Blossoms on January 3, 2019, at her advice. He collaborated on the album with the Kurdo Choir and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (Volodymyr Sirenko).On May 1, 2019, he released his second album, Dance on the Moon, with the same orchestra. In his first genuine musical attempt at the commemorative piece, he teamed with traditional Iranian musician Vahid. In April 2022, the piece was released. His duet record with Vahid Taj is yet to be released. Before Autumn After Autumn, Amin’s album with Omid Nemati was released in November 2020 and quickly became a hit. Koja Rafteri with Salar Aghili was recorded in January 2021, and Ey Sanam with Mohammad Reza Niazi on his poetry was recorded in January 2021. He was a performer at the Fajr Music Festival.

String Quartet Album

His 2022 album, “String Quartet,” has engaging and passionate performances spanning from Viennese Classical to impressionism to 19th century works with more folk flavor. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Shubert, and French guitarist Napoléon Coste combine to create a magnificent atmosphere that brings great classic pieces to life. The cover picture, which depicts a white canvas with black paint brushstrokes that are still fresh to the eye, sings along with the compositions and the listener’s experience. As if it were a Rorschach test, the answer was: seductive classical tunes and four strings. This album is far from shallow; it is thought-provokingly gorgeous, and it is a breath of new air in the musical environment of 2022.



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