ARCAD Software: combining Application Modernization and DevOps


Application modernization is the practice of updating older software with newer computing approaches, converting to new code languages and restructuring code to render rigid architectures more open and flexible. You can think of it much like a renovation project in an older home to upgrade and make improvements to efficiency, safety and structural integrity.

DevOps is an organizational approach that depends on automated, tool-based collaboration between all actors in a software project: from developers, to testers, operations and end-users. Think of this as a high-level collaboration between the folks creating and building applications (development) and those tasked with deploying and keeping them running (operations). By fusing the two worlds together, and using agile and lean principles, DevOps can build, evolve, and operate rapidly changing systems at scale.


Instead of managing huge transformations with a major user impact, DevOps produces a steady stream of smaller incremental changes that are more reliable, with less overall impact and more readily accepted by users. This applies equally well to software maintenance as to application modernization. Adopting a strategy with ARCAD for DevOps can help to create a unified vision of an agile, lean DevOps process that accelerates and secures your modernization project, all in one package.


ARCAD Software is the only vendor to combine Application Modernization, DevOps and Data Masking in a wholly integrated, modular, and in-house developed product range. Use automation to modernize, build, test and deliver your software faster and more securely.

All of the solutions at ARCAD share a central metadata repository core, which optimizes your DevOps cycle and shortens delivery schedules, all the while improving software quality and minimizing IT costs. With these tools you can also take a more progressive approach to DevOps, choosing only the modules that you really need and adding modules as you need them, bringing flexibility to your projects.


Application modernization is the only viable solution when it comes to avoiding a costly high-risk migration to a different platform. Staying with IBM i leverages your investment and your custom business rules, offering stability and consistency in the short term, but also saving money in the long term. ARCAD Software brings to the market a complete, end-to-end solution for application modernization on IBM I, secured by a modern DevOps process. Learn more about our DevOps strategies and Application Modernization at


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