Are broiler eggs good for your health or not?

Eggs are known to be the most significant source of protein. These comprise complete proteins which contain the essential amino acid associated with them. The fat-soluble vitamins are found in Yolk, which include vitamins A, E, D, and K. They are known to be an excellent source to reduce weight when taken in appropriate quantities. Micronutrients such as Zn, Se, and B-complex, are enriched in eggs. They act as a perfect immune booster. In this article, we will let you know that “Are broiler eggs good for your health or not?”.

Broiler Chicken for Human Health:

The debate about broiler eggs use is quite extensive. There are enormous people who prefer to eat broiler eggs. On the contrary, there are people with the opinion that one should not use broiler eggs. The quality of the food and the nutrition level of it should be given extreme significance. Let us figure out whether either broiler eggs are healthy for human health or not.

The feed of Broiler Chicken:

Broiler eggs are produced from broiler chicken. The hormones and antibiotic injections are used to feed the chicken. These ensure the rapid growth of chicken and are known to be unhealthy to eat. Not only this, they cannot even exercise or move with ease. Their protein level is boosted with the leftover beef or chicken. Moreover, their food is sprayed with insecticides. Hence, it could give rise to the mad-cow disease.

Production of Eggs in Large Quantities:

The industries that are eager to make more profit out of their businesses rely on the broiler method. It gives rise to the desire to produce eggs in large quantities. The large quantities of the eggs are produced through the broiler method. The undesirable and unhealthy feed of the chicken is responsible for the least nutritional value of eggs. The broiler chicken is produced to optimize the number of chicken and, ultimately, eggs. However, the health of broiler chicken is entirely compromised,

Health Perspective of Broiler Eggs:

These are much low in cost and hence prefer the consumption of such eggs. These are used most frequently in restaurants due to high affordability. A broiler with good quality is better to be consumed in the form of meat and should not be considered for eggs at all. The eggs and flesh of the broiler are enriched with animal fats and cholesterol. It comprises the high content of bad cholesterol that could give rise to cardiovascular diseases. Broiler eggs have a high content of growth hormones and antibiotics.

A vast deal of deadly bacteria is present in broiler chicken. When a sample of broiler eggs is taken, then these are found to have Salmonella and Campylobacter spp in them. The consumption of broiler eggs leads to food poisoning and diarrhea. Hence, it is better to avoid the consumption of broiler eggs regularly. Indeed, the occasional consumption of broiler eggs should also be prevented. Else, one would suffer from different types of health issues that are highly undesirable. Hope you have come to know about “Are broiler eggs good for your health or not.”

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