Are gold loans really safe? Everything you should know about gold loans before applying for one

This is one of the looked-through subjects about gold loans across the web today with regards to gold loans. Gold loans can help one with keeping over a brief cash crunch. You can get a development quickly with the most unnecessary paper and desk work. While applying for a gold loan there is no d-need for a customer to have a good cibil score (or FICO or credit score). This is mainly because of the reason that gold loans are secured forms of loans. For any other form of loan, you are required to have a great FICO score otherwise your loan application is immediately rejected by the banks.

Your credit score deteriorates if you fail to timely repay your loans or if there are lesser transactions from your bank accounts. To dodge these problems in the times when you urgently require money, you can opt for the gold loan process. Getting a gold loan with Rupeek takes hardly 3-4 hours, and this time frame includes everything from the very first registration on their portal to the collection of the gold ornaments. And as soon as the ornaments pass the quality checks, the loan amount is credited to your bank account. Not to miss, all these services can be delivered to you at your doorstep at interest rates as low as 0.49% per month and 5.45% per annum.

Why do Indian security of our pledged ornaments matter more to us?

Even after all these services, the biggest question that stays unanswered is whether the gold will be safe and secured in the security vaults of the banks or NBFCs, or not? This is a very important question because as Indians, we know that a piece of jewelry has sentiments attached to it more than its monetary value. And this makes us double think about the security of our ornaments when we pledge them for a gold loan.

Security analysis of the vaults of Rupeek

To answer the prime concern of the point, it’s a clear and big yes! Gold Loans are not just one of the speediest and simpler ways of getting a loan during seasons of cash crunch but on the other hand, are very protected. The main thing you really want to check while looking for a gold loan from an online portal is that you should take loans just from a verified moneylender in light of the fact that there are numerous tricksters and spam sites that keep an eye on extortion individuals while offering them gold loans at a tiny pace of revenue.

Despite being easy to apply for and speedy access, there are a couple of errors that borrowers for the most part do while taking a gold loan. Not checking the validity of the leaser can place you in incredible difficulty. Rupeek has a very trusted user base that it has developed with its customers over many years of service. The best thing about Rupeek is not that it just gives gold loans at highly affordable interest rates, nor that it provides services at the comfort of an individual’s doorstep! The best thing about rupeek is that it actually values the sentiment of its customers attached to the ornaments.

Its customer service philosophy actually puts its customers in the spotlight and mainframe. To ensure that this incredible relation of trust does not ever fade away, Rupeek has built well-equipped and secured vaults that use the latest technologies to protect your ornaments. Not just that, Rupeek has also partnered with big banks and uses their secured vaults to preserve your ornaments. On top of that, your ornaments are insured against any mishap that possibly can harm your jewelry. So, yes if you are taking a gold loan from Rupeek, your gold ornaments are in completely safe hands and you don’t need to at all worry about them.

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