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Autonomic Computing and Some Important Facts About It

One of the newest and most innovative concepts in modern computer technology, Autonomic Computing, signifies the ability of computers to manage and enhance themselves. It encourages computers to be hauled towards further betterment, being adaptive to technologies. Also, it requires less time for the computer professionals in maintenance and fixing issues.

The evolution of computer technology to become more advanced started with cost reduction and eradicating the hindrances of complicated systems.

Conditions Curving the Edges of Autonomic System

IBM designs the autonomic computing initiative, more prevalent in its abbreviation ACI. The computing initiative is backed up with networking of computer systems that process, void of all human interferences, except mentioning the input rules. Often the system of ACI gets into comparisons with the human body’s autonomic nervous system. Although this comparison might look strange, similar to the process the best electric kettle in India gets produced, the autonomic system is adhered to by four principle conditions. The four facets of Autonomic Computing stated by IBM are the following.

  1. Self-Configuration: The system needs to have the capacity of configuring itself automatically with the alterations in the environment.
  2. Self-Healing: With the present properties, the system should be able to fix internal issues on its own and bypass the functions on encountering problems.
  3. Self-Optimization: The process of this system needs to be self-controlled in an optimized approach, and all its computing processes should be abreast with proper algorithms.
  4. Self-Protection: Capabilities like identification, detection, and safeguards from system and security invasions should be present in the autonomic system to protect its uprightness.  

Noticing the preciseness of this mechanism, it seems to be incorporated in every segment of human life in the future. But for now, we have enough. The technology of IoT has already made our homes more convenient than ever, and leading water purifier brands are introducing various new technologies to make drinking water safer. Besides, we might notice more new technologies incorporated into our everyday lifestyle with the forward flow of time.  

Properties Need to be Involved in Autonomic Computing

  1. Automotive: As this computing technology is based on the concept of automation, all its processes need to be performed without human intercessions.
  2. Adaptive: The system should make obligatory alterations, responding to changed conditions like system breakdown, attacks on security, and environmental changes.
  3. Aware: It should be entirely informed about its internal state and processes to execute the aforementioned features.

Advantages of Autonomic Computing

To start with, the first advantage of autonomic computing would be it is open-source. The unique and innovative technology has been given the capacity to go through uncountable changes to adapt to all inner and outer changes. The computing system also encompasses the potent of optimizing itself automatically. Therefore, greater efficiency and completion of tasks within lesser time can also be expected from it. The system is also proficient in recovering itself from unprecedented issues like crashes and system failures.

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