Azerbaijan Travel Tips: 10 Best Tips To know!

  1. It is always advisable for foreigners to carry passports at all times. Azerbaijan has strict policies for foreign tourists and therefore major tourist attractions always have security guards who ask for identification. Passport and identity cards should be carried at all times. This is a law to be followed strictly by tourists. Also, it is highly advised to tourists who plan to stay longer than 10 days to get registered at state migration services. Azerbaijan follows strict norms and following them can help you have hassle free travel experience.
  2. Learn about their cultures and languages. It never hurts to know about the country and its deep-rooted heritage. Azerbaijan is a very diverse country and therefore learning the common slangs and phrases can be fun as it will give you great insight into the commoners and their lives! It will also help you communicate better with the tourist guides and locals. Also don’t forget to try on their traditional attires like papaq, chadra(a silk shawl worn by women), jorabs etc. Try to learn about their folk, arts and customs and make the best out of your trip.
  3. The best time to visit this beautiful destination is during the peak seasons from November to April and from September to October. During this time the climate is mainly cool and breezy and tourists can enjoy a number of activities and enjoy many attractions. Celebrate the Persian new year during March by trekking up to all famous summits in Azerbaijan. The climate remains around 40 degrees during summers and it can get pretty freezing during the winter here. If you are travelling in winter don’t forget to pack thermal wears.
  4. Follow strict covid guidelines. Practice hand sanitisation and wearing of masks at all times. Make sure to get a rt pcr test after you go back for your safety, carry disposable mask and gloves while visiting attractions and stay away from crowded places. Follow social distancing norms at all times. Before booking regularly check the covid statistics of locations to have a safe travel journey. Azerbaijan has many beautiful tourist locations like Heydar Aliyev cultural centre and Baku old cities, Baku boulevard, flame towers etc are great places to visit provided you follow the covid guidelines. You can pretty much explore most parts of Azerbaijan by yourself, without taking guides or rented cabs. Most tourist attractions are in close vicinity.
  5. Azerbaijan is a very secular country, and therefore tourists don’t have to worry about clothing. Women are allowed to wear anything they want except for religious sites where they are advised to cover their heads. Also be respectful to women of this country, and speak nicely to locals. You can trust on thrillophilia tips and tricks on visiting any foreign country. Thrillophilia reviews from travellers are a 100 percent legit ad will help you have a very smooth travel experience completely hassle free.
  6. Try their local food. Azerbaijan has many and lesser-known delicacies which are a must try. Their traditional rice and meat, Azerbaijanian barbeque, lamb and chickpea soup etc are extremely sumptuous. Azerbaijan also allows alcohol to be consumed at restaurants that dive into some of the great Islamic dishes. When in Baku don’t forget to visit Bristol gastro pub and agora club and wine which serve great Azerbaijan famous dishes. Their cuisine is basically a blend of Russian and Turkish cuisines. Dolma is another great delicacy to taste when in this country.
  7. It is strictly advised to tourists to not mention Armenia. Both countries are at war over certain border and land conflict regions, hence the mention of Armenia might create unwanted conflicts among the local people. Try to stay updated on the latest news and respect the locals. Also bringing any kind of items or souvenirs of Armenia can be questioned severely in Azerbaijanian authority. Azerbaijan is a rather isolated country with authentic and deep-rooted cultures and customs. Tourists should avoid saying anything about their culture at all costs. This is a very hospitable country and a friendly behaviour is expected of tourists at all times.
  8. Beware of pickpocketing. Azerbaijan has relatively lower crime rates as compared to other nearby countries but it’s always good to be cautious on the buzzing streets of Buka. Make sure you carry your essentials like passport and money in safe baggage. Also beware of taxi scams outside the airport, the drivers are fraudulent and charge a lot especially from foreign tourists. Public transports are a better and safer option for transport. Tourists can also rely on shuttle services that their hotels or resorts have. For more cost-effective transport options the Azerbaijan metro service is great too. The tickets to all nearby locations are moderately charged
  9. Keep your surroundings clean. Probably this tip should be followed while visiting any country, but when in Azerbaijan specially in Baku don’t litter. The capital is the pride of the country, and the government fines a lot when they find people littering the Azerbaijan the ok sign is considered a rude etiquette. Do not make any signs that may come off as offensive to the local people. Also, women are given utmost respect in this county, hence behaviour to them should be respectful and nice at all times. Pleasantries must be exchanged between tourists and locals likewise.
  10. Check the weather forecast before visiting any tourist attraction. Azerbaijan has a very unpredictable climate; a bright and sunny morning can end up in heavy downpour by evening. so always make sure you remain updated and carry your belongings accordingly. Also, if you are trekking make sure to carry a medical kit containing everything important like band aids and antiseptics. Carry other trek essentials too. Thrillophilia comes in handy during this offers all weather conditions and renders the best time to visit any tourist location. Tourists can completely rely on Thrillophilia reviews and suggestions.
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