Backyard Makeover: Upgrade Your Home with a Pergola Kit

No matter how beautiful you think your backyard is, the time will come when you might feel the desire to upgrade it. Among the several options, you could go for, by far the most promising is the addition of a backyard pergola. This has been made more practical with the availability of pergola kits that allow you to build that much-needed structure to give you shade, cover your hot tub, and convert your backyard into an exceptional place to gather your loved ones. 

7 Benefits of Pergolas 

A pergola may look like an incomplete structure with its roof and vertical beams and the absence of a solid roof or walls. But what it lacks in structure, it makes up for by providing shelter and functioning as a focal point that works dynamically with almost any environment. 

These are merely an introduction to the reasons to get a pergola for your home. To give you some inspiration, check out these pergola kits that you can buy at affordable rates. 

It adds a modern feel to your backyard

Pergolas create an atmosphere quite different from other roofed structures like a gazebo, cabana, and pavilion. Their sleek, straightforward design can add a modern touch to your backyard—the same reason they look good with almost any existing outdoor furniture. 

It boasts multiple uses

Besides providing shelter, pergolas can also function as a carport, a decorative garden centerpiece, or a place for your plants. The design options for pergolas are endless, so are the ways you can use them. Build them with or without a deck, it’s your call. 

It maximizes outdoor spaces

You can also dress up your pergolas however you want it. Dress them up with hanging planters or vines that creep up from the vertical beams to the roof. You can also drape fabrics or other treatments from the post to add a soft element to your landscape while providing additional protection from the elements.

It provides a place for outdoor entertainment

Set up some tables and chairs, a small spa, or even karaoke and your pergola is the perfect place to gather your family and friends for an afternoon barbeque. Wouldn’t that be a better option than keeping them holed up indoors during summer? 

It affords you privacy

While you want to spend the time outside, that doesn’t mean that you like being on display on your property. This is another way pergolas can save you. Although an open structure, it gives you the option to create a layer of privacy by adding drapes, screens, among other treatments. 

It adds value to your home

Aside from adding value to your lifestyle, pergolas are also a smart and affordable way to add value to your home without making big changes to your property. It also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, particularly if inviting friends over is a prominent part of their lifestyle. 

As beautiful and affordable as they are, pergolas can make an economical addition to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. What’s even better is that they are made more accessible and practical with the availability of pergola kits. 

It is a low-maintenance structure

Probably the most interesting of all is that pergolas are durable and they require low maintenance. This much is true for vinyl pergolas that are revered for their damage-resistant materials. They don’t chip, peel, warp, fade, rot, or become discolored, which is unlike wood pergolas that are also susceptible to termites. 

What are Pergola Kits? 

Pergola kits give you more command of the overall look of your backyard by allowing you to build a pergola at a more affordable price. It lets you enjoy the benefits that this structure has to offer but at the fraction of the price of hiring a contractor to do it for you. 

You’ll find a wide range of shapes and styles with pergola kits. But a word of caution: building a pergola is not always that simple. It can be a challenging project, depending on what design you choose. So, measure your skill level and make sure that it matches the difficulty of the pergola you are building. 

All the pergola kits include building instructions, the materials, and tools that you will need, as well as diagrams and photos. 


Bring the benefits of pergolas to your home. If you’re done admiring pergolas from afar, being entranced by their style, and are ready to enjoy all that pergolas offer, then you’re going to love building your own. You can order online and have your pergola kit shipped directly to your address. Cheers to building your pergola and adding renewed interest to your backyard. 

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