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Beautiful Gemstones of the Earth

Surprisingly, a diamond is simply carbon in a structure. But this carbon structure under pressure and temperature turns into the most valuable gemstones on the earth. Diamonds are very beautiful naturally occurring stones that are hard to resist. They are useful to us in so many ways but aren’t very easy to get.

Usually, we only see the colorless ones more than some of the colored ones. In addition, they aren’t always transparent. You can find them in other pretty colors with different names. These are mainly used for expensive jewellery, mostly an engagement ring or a fancy necklace. Needless to say, that these colorful ones are very rare. But the dull-colored and common ones are valuable for industrial uses. The interesting thing is sometimes the diamond may change its color due to radiation exposure or heat treatment.

Apart from its unbelievable hardness, it also has a high refractive power to make it so shiny. But first, the diamonds are cut into a great shape that we usually call a ‘diamond shape.’ The dazzling lights that enter our eyes when we see it account for its brilliance. It is this extra shine that differentiates a diamond from other kinds of stones. The dispersion occurs when the white light is separated into the other colors of the spectrum as the light hits the diamond.

Due to their exceptional physical properties, lab diamonds are used as grinding and shaping tools. Mostly metal alloys are shaped with diamonds to make a machinery tooltip. Other uses include any wire, tools, aircraft, optical surfaces, jewel bearings, and so on. Even the diamond parts are also useful for the production of oil, gas, and mineral. Many constructions and buildings also include the use of diamonds. A metal disc is also made of diamonds to shape roads, bricks, stones, etc.

Diamonds also have various uses in the technology and electrical industries. Thin saw blades are formed with diamonds to cut metals needed for electronics. Interestingly, the knives that we use at home have steel that has diamond powder for sharpness. Some diamonds are known as industrial ones that are used to cut wheels, bearings, and glass. Nowadays, we see diamonds have various applications in healthcare as well.

But mostly, diamonds are well known for their use in jewellery. It can be anything, like a necklace, ring, bracelets, etc. You can easily find your favorite ornament shops swarmed with beautiful diamond jewellery. These shops also bring you a great collection of engagement rings and other ones for any occasion. The best thing is, when needed, these diamonds will become an asset that you can use to exchange for cash.

However, since natural diamonds are so expensive and difficult to mind, and aren’t much in abundance, they are grown in laboratories. Using similar conditions, lab diamonds are created in large to fulfill the lacking of a natural one. Besides, lab grown diamonds Adelaide are great for jewellery and industrial tools. So, these diamonds are getting more popular.

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