Benefits of a Cloud Platform for Your Business

Cloud computing applications offer businesses several benefits. A cloud platform is set up, managed, and maintained without the need to build or maintain infrastructure. This offers more flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

The cloud also provides security when handling sensitive information or data where it’s critical not to have any on-premises storage locations at risk. Companies are migrating data and applications from on-premises to the cloud to save money, make applications more scalable, and protect data.  Etl migration to cloud is widely used to accomplish these transitions.

Is Security a Concern?

Many businesses have a concerned about the security of the data they hold and any sensitive information that may reside in their enterprise. There is also the perception that cloud-based applications are a riskier proposition. These concerns can be addressed by an organization like AvePoint, which has been providing secure cloud-based applications since 2001.

Benefits of cloud-based applications:

– Scalability:

Cloud computing offers instant scaling with no downtime, often adding capacity as needed. Switching from dedicated hardware to the cloud offers an opportunity to add capacity and power to a business’s key applications.

– Cost-Effectiveness:

IT budgets traditionally spent on hardware and software can be reinvested into new technology. Cloud-based applications have fewer ongoing costs associated with hosting, which can enhance the business’ bottom line.

– Flexibility:

Cloud computing delivers a high level of flexibility to businesses. Its key to the cloud is its ability to deliver an application via a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. This gives businesses the ability to deliver anytime, anywhere access and it can be placed on-premises or in the cloud. It frees up infrastructure resources that would otherwise be tied up serving existing business applications.

– Agility and Speed to Market:

Businesses that are going through digital transformation initiatives often need the ability to adjust rapidly, add capacity, and respond to changes quickly. Cloud-based applications provide businesses with the capacity to meet their customers’ needs and, ultimately, be more agile.

– Improve Collaboration

Cloud computing applications offer firms a way to improve collaboration in two ways. First, using the cloud means that teams can collaborate across multiple sites and geographical areas without too many complications. Second, the use of applications in the cloud allows firms to improve their ability to connect with partners and customers remotely. This can often lead to increased business opportunities as well as improved customer service.

– Help with Disaster Recovery:

Cloud computing applications have become such a popular new IT solution because they provide many businesses with an incredibly robust disaster recovery solution. No longer are businesses limited by on-premises software licenses or restricted by the physical location of their data centers.

Cloud-based applications offer businesses many benefits, as well as opportunities. A cloud platform is a cost-effective way to deliver IT services that can be scalable and flexible enough to support a business’s key applications. There are also significant security benefits for those who utilize this type of solution. Additionally, cloud-based applications can ease the burden on IT departments that are managing their own infrastructure. The cloud offers a more cost-effective way for businesses to support key operations and manage their existing technology investments.

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