Benefits of Franchise Reviews for New Franchises

Positive franchise reviews are integral in any business unit, especially for a new franchise. In addition, online reviews are an active driving force for consumer’s patronage and repeat business. Online brand reputation must be impeccable. Apart from quality goods and services, a positive product review is a decisive factor for customers to purchase from your brand.

Good franchise reviews are building blocks of a solid brand reputation, particularly for new and multiple locations. Therefore, it is essential to achieve five-star Google reviews, raves, and mentions to successfully create a reputable franchise, duplicate in other branches, and build customer’s trust. 

It is crucial to achieve good franchise reviews for your brand because most consumers depend on it. Second, it ranks your brand higher in any search engine, and lastly, negative reviews contribute to a decline in sales. For new franchises, online reviews must be hardworking. As a newbie, nothing less but a stellar performance is necessary to claim that market share. 

Here are the benefits of franchise reviews for new franchises.   

Better search engine visibility

The number of positive franchise reviews is directly proportional to better search rankings. If a business has superior search rankings, the franchise website is on the first page of the search results. With this, higher chances of traffic count and conversion. High visibility status in search engine result pages (SERPs) is given to brands that achieve consistent 4-star to 5-star ratings. The search engine algorithm presents the user with the best options he is looking for in a product.

Good franchise reviews are synonymous with customer’s trust

Trust building is one of the benefits of franchise reviews. Undoubtfully, positive reviews encourage other people to try you out. Word-of-mouth is still the most influential form of advertisement. For multi-unit brands, positive reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, or Google are strongly related to an increase in customer trust that will lead to a purchase. If negative reviews are kept at bay and recovered, chances are higher for consumers to choose you rather than the competition. 

Significant increase in sales

Online reviews positively impact the top line and the bottom line. Better revenue is the most rewarding benefit of franchise reviews for any business owner. With the right brand reputation management strategies, positive reviews can lift the entire corporation, especially for new franchises. Massive benefits are in store for franchises because even if not all units are working hard to attain reviews, it still benefits the franc. Even a minor percentage growth in sales from good franchise reviews will be significant, as it will be applicable for the entire franchise.

Consistent product and service

Benefits are limitless when it comes to online reviews. The challenge for reaping the advantages is that a business would want to stay on top. Positive reviews must be consistent for staying on top. There is extreme pressure to keep the franchise’s online reputation management plan in all locations. With this pressure is the assurance that you can sleep at night knowing that your business is implementing the best and quality product and service standard. It is a feat but doable. Measures should be in place to achieve consistency.

  • Employee training. Ensure employees follow the standard operating procedure manual.
  • Encourage feedback. Make resources available for betterment.
  • Monitor customer reviews. Ensure recovery of complaints and incentivized feedback. 

Multiple locations can be a pickle in a unified positive brand building. Brand image consistency in franchises can be arduous but possible. A new franchise must learn, re-learn, and adapt to feedback and reviews. Making mistakes and collaborating with your team to implement an action plan and better systems and processes is the only way to be better and consistent. Stability builds consumer trust that translates to sales and purchase frequency. 

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