Benefits of using Digital microscopes

Digital microscopes are microscopes without eyepieces. A digital camera acts as a detector. Images are displayed on a screen or monitor, transforming the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic computerized workstation.

Why use digital microscopes?

Digital microscopes are optimized for all inspection, documentation, and analysis tasks as like Stereo Zoom microscopes. AvenTools follow very closely what exactly the users of our microscopes are doing.

Software for easy handling and reliable results

Software plays an essential role in digital microscopy. It supports users in many ways, including reducing complex operations to a single click.

The main functions are as follows:

  • Image acquisition and image stacks
  • Display and analysis of 2d and 3d data
  • Recording of all details with images through coded parameters
  • Creation of comprehensive reports

Tilt for details

Some digital microscopes offer a tilt feature that allows samples to be viewed from different angles. This is particularly useful for the inspection of

  • Complex structures such as corrosion patterns in metal parts, in manufacturing or in materials science
  • Defective parts during failure analysis
  • Binders used in semiconductor production
  • Insects in entomology or forensics

The video feature allows users to record the changing view of a sample during tilt or rotation for documenting and sharing their findings.

Less time to learn, more time to work

Finally, digital microscopes have another big advantage: inexperienced users often find that it takes less time to become familiar with a digital microscope.

Get results quickly

They get results quickly and can check the image quality right on the screen.

Smooth processes

Digital microscopes optimize the workflow from sample positioning to reporting. The software also speeds up handling.

Perfect images

Optics are renowned the world over for their quality. Digital microscope optics and cameras produce images that capture every detail of your samples – in natural-looking colors.

Comfortable posture

Digital microscopes turn the microscopy workstation into a computerized workstation. Performing work in an upright posture can help prevent health problems resulting from physical strain.

Versatile imaging system

Digital microscopes offer a high working distance for large and small samples. Together with the great depth of field, this helps reduce or eliminate the need for sample preparation.

Peace of Mind

Digital microscopes produce reproducible, traceable results regardless of the number of colleagues using the microscope, thanks to ease of use and properties such as coding.

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