Best Headphones You Must Have This 2021

No matter how great the music is, if you’re listening to it using crappy headphones, the song will just end up being not so enjoyable.

And for a nitpicky listener just like us, a crappy headphone that can’t even pick up the bass is a major pet peeve. That’s why we tend to be really choosy with our listening gadgets.

When looking for a good headphone, getting the best sound is the priority. We’re talking about clear tones, a great range of volume, and audible bass. But what separates great headphones from the merely good ones is that they can strike the perfect balance of quality sound, comfortability, and build.

In this piece, we’re going to weed out the best headphones in 2021 from the crappy ones. So take note of these products and include them on your wishlist!

Sony WH-1000XM4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphone is the best overall. There’s no doubt about that. Sony just never fails to impress us with sound.

It boasts some of the great features like better noise-cancellation, multi-point and wireless pairing, and DSEE Extreme audio upscaling. These are great bonuses on top of the great quality of music that it provides.

But if we’re going to be very nitpicky about it, it’s not waterproof. So you can’t use this phone when jogging or when travelling. It’s not just cut out for water invasion.

But you know what? Forget that flaw! We still love it because it got 30 hours on its battery life. It’s perfect for working from home, gaming, and some Netflix and chill! You can use it the entire day, and leave it charging while you’re snoozing.

1MORE Triple Driver In-ear Headphones

If you need to add an in-ear piece to your headphones collection, the 1MORE Triple Driver deserves a spot. It provides great sound, it’s lightweight, and has an excellent build! 

Although it’s not wireless, it’s still a great earpiece that can provide good sound. It can even outclass some of the wireless earbuds that are in the market right now. The point is, you can never really go wrong with the classic!

Sony WF-1000XM3

If you plan to go wireless with your audio tech, these Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds are your best choice. Sony WF-1000XM3 is not only wireless. It’s also very lightweight and its sound is unmatched. 

It may be a tiny earpiece but make no mistake. It can match the known over-ear headphones when it comes to noise cancellation.

In fact, you could say that these Sony wireless earbuds are in their own category. Aside from its great sound, it’s also sleek, and long-lasting, all thanks to 6 hours battery life plus 18 hours from the charging case.

If you prefer smaller earpieces like this which don’t get too much attention compared to over-ear headphones, the Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds are what you should get.


The one concern about wireless earbuds is that they’re easy to take away from your ears, and the chances of losing them are high. If that concerns you, too, then you might be better off with Nuraloop.

This headphone is basically a wireless earbud with a neckband so it won’t easily fall off your ears. The Nuraloop is a rugged type of headphone plus, it’s 100% sweatproof. If you’re that type of person who loves to exercise with some music on, the NuraLoop headphones won’t fail you.

It’s also long-lasting with a 16-hour battery life. You can jog a dozen laps, or travel somewhere far, far, away, and you’ll never run out of great music with lush and quality! Not to mention, it’s also comfortable to wear.

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