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Best Tech to Give out at Marketing Events

When it comes to giveaways at marketing events, it is always best to go with items that your public will want to use time and time again. These items that are in constant use or are held and used, where everyone can see them, are a great way to get your business noticed and your logo remembered.

But you must remember that in order for them to give your business a good reputation, the items you are giving away must be of good or superior quality.

Thumb drives or Bluetooth speakers

Thumb drives are always handy to have around, especially if you have a lot of data to keep and share, and Bluetooth speakers are very desirable as well as usable items. Using a reputable business such as Anthem Branding to help you get the desired look for your thumb drives, complete with your business logo printed on them to make them totally original to your business, means you’ll get the most from your promotional marketing purposes.

Covers for mobile devices

Having covers for mobile devices such as laptop or tablet bags with your business logo on them is a fantastic way forward as these will give your business lots of free advertising as they are carried around, out, and about for all to see, especially if you have them made of good lasting quality.

It is a good idea when using your own branding on these items to make them large enough that they can be seen clearly at a distance in order to get the most out of your free advertising. Your logo will have to be eye-catching, but not be garish or unsightly. Otherwise, the product will not be used.

Step counters

Giving away small items such as step counters or pedometers is a good idea as these items are quite sort after. In order to prove and associate your business with quality items, they must be of a superior quality themselves; otherwise, you will find that your business gains the reputation for throw-away products. A lot of the cheap step counters available on the market today are unfortunately cheap, and they do not last very long at all. So, by giving away long-lasting ones, you will find that you attract attention for the right reasons.

Final thoughts

When thinking about giving away tech at your marketing events, make sure that you are giving away your own branded items and that they are of good quality. This will help your business stay in the forefront of the public’s mind, and should they want the type of product you are selling, they will actually search your business out over other businesses as the products you have given out are of superior quality.

Make sure to give away items that look good and will be used, preferably in public, like mobile device covers or laptop bags, or that can be handed on to gain more of an audience, such as thumb drives.

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