Best times to post Instagram

Best times to post Instagram, Do you think that your photos and videos get more views, likes, and comments? Imagining this can be a bit tricky.

First, because Instagram is primarily accessed through a mobile device, users can take a quick glance at their Instagram feed anytime they want from almost anywhere.

Posting, viewing, and engagement habits tend to be quite different on Instagram compared to other social networks, making it a bit more difficult to determine when users are most active.

However, Instagram is now rearranging users’ feeds to show them what it thinks they want to see first rather than showing them all the most recent posts in the order they were posted.

This means that you could post something at a certain point in time and still have been seen by many of your followers or perhaps hardly any of your followers at all, depending on how much or how little they interact with your content.

According to Instagram, the order of the messages in the users’ feed will be based on the probability that they are interested in the posts, their relationships with the accounts they follow, and the timeliness of the messages.

Therefore, although the interaction now affects the appearance of the messages in the feed, the actuality is certainly relevant, but perhaps not as relevant as before the deployment of the algorithm.

Despite this, each Instagram account has a unique audience, in different time zones, so it is important to determine what is your best time to post on Instagram, and that is what we want to talk to you about today.

What to consider first?

Before talking about schedules or how to find the best time to post on Instagram, we leave you certain aspects that you should keep in mind.

  • The demographics of your target follower

People who work the typical 9-to-5 job might be more likely to look at Instagram in the morning, while college students who stay out late might be more active at night.

The identification of your target audience can be the first step to find out what time of the day Instagram likes to review them.

  • Time zone differences:

If you have followers or a target audience from all over the world, posting at specific times of the day may not get the same results as if you had followers who mostly live around the same time zone.

For example, if the majority of your followers are from North America living in typical North American time zones, you could start experimenting with posting to Instagram around 7 a.m. and another around 9 p.m.

  • Engagement that you have noticed

Make sure to pay close attention to any spikes in engagement when posting at certain times of the day.

No matter what the research says or what the experts tell you about optimal times and days to post, what ultimately matters is the behavior of your own followers.

What is the best time to post Instagram?

There are some general rules that can help you determine what is the best time to post Instagram, among them are those that follow.

These rules were taken from a study by Later.

  • Post more during non-work hours than during the day

According to studies, generally, the best times to post on Instagram are lunchtime (11-1-1) and afternoons (7-9 pm).

The best advice is to leave the posts scheduled with a tool you trust.

  • Weekends can be unpredictable depending on your audience

B2C companies will likely see better results when posting on the weekends than B2B companies, as many of them only operate during the week.

  • Save important posts for weekdays

The differences are slight, but the average Instagram engagement changes depending on the day. According to research, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to drive the majority of engagement, while Sundays decrease.

  • Avoid 3pm, but don’t be afraid to experiment

Weekdays between 3 and 4 pm typically lead to lower engagement, probably because most users are busy at work at the time.

How to find the Best times to post Instagram?

It’s a fact that different audiences will be active at different times and in different time zones, so it’s important to find your best individual time to post on Instagram.

This is why we want to leave you certain guidelines so that you can find out for yourself. Do not forget to tell us on our social networks how everything turned out!

  • Find your Best times to post Instagram

When it comes to the best time to post on Instagram, it’s essential to think about time zones.

Let’s say you are in Venezuela, but the followers of your account are in Europe.

Therefore, while 9:00 may be one of the most popular times to post on Instagram, you should actually post at a time in Venezuela when it is 9:00 in Europe.

The best thing you can do to find your optimal posting time for Instagram is to research your audience using Instagram’s native analytics tool.

Instagram Insights gives marketers everything they can ask for – you can see where your followers are located, their gender, their age, and most importantly, when they are most active on Instagram.

You can also see the locations of your followers by country or city.

Not only is this information incredibly helpful for marketers to understand their audience, but it also gives them a better idea of ​​what time zones they should post in order to reach most of their followers.

So Insights makes it easy to find the Best times to post Instagram by showing the most popular days and times your followers are using Instagram.

Using this data, you can quickly calculate the best times and best days to post, based on the activity of your followers.

  • Experiment with these schedules

The reality is, you won’t know exactly what works best until you start experimenting and tracking the results of the engagement.

Again, it all depends on your target audience and how you are using Instagram to connect with your followers.

You can start by experimenting with the following time slots for posting to Instagram:

Mornings, 7:00 am – 9:00 am:

The morning hours are a good time to post because everyone is waking up.

Most people can’t resist checking their phones to see what they missed while they slept.

After 9:00 am, however, you may see a bit of a drop in engagement due to work or school hours.

Noon, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm:

Around lunchtime is when people have a break to do what they want, which often includes checking their social media.

Afternoons, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm:

After school and work, people have the opportunity to relax.

Users can start checking their phones while in traffic or in front of the television just before dinner time.

Note that it may be better to post earlier around 5:00 pm, later at 7:00 pm, rather than right in the middle (6:00 pm) when a lot of people are just coming home. .

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays seem to have the highest engagement according to studies.

  • Post your videos after work / school hours

Interactions in videos tend to differ slightly from photos posted on Instagram. If you really want to see your videos succeed, limit your posting to late-night hours or much later at night.

Keep in mind that Instagram videos should be viewed in their entirety by activating the sound, which can be awkward if viewers are at work or school.

People are more likely to watch your video on their own time when they are less busy or at home.

What’s new on Instagram?

It cannot be denied that quality content is the flag of all social platforms, blogs, etc. In other words, we must always strive to write for people.

However, we cannot ignore that algorithms play an extremely important role in doubling our engagement and reach. So in addition to mastering what we’ve already been saying, it’s important for you to be aware of some of the latest Instagram updates.

Chat stickers 

A really simple, but powerful feature, because it consists of adding the chat tag to your story, while your followers can request to join the chat directly using the tag. It is up to the account owner to accept or not the request to join the chat.

Obviously, it is not an option that establishes a before and after. But it definitely makes a difference when it comes to being more human, close, and real with the followers.

Advertisements in the « Explore » section

Instagram has done us a huge favor by adding ads in the aforementioned section.

Users go to this section to discover new information and accounts they could follow. When they click on a post, the Instagram algorithm offers a similar compilation of information in the belief that the user might be interested.

Now, the difference is that when we scroll through the feed suggested by Instagram, the user may find some ads. This is undoubtedly excellent news because it is synonymous with greater exposure.

That is, in addition to appearing in the user’s feed on a regular basis, we can also be in the feed suggested by Instagram from the Explore section. A well-thought-out resource for the platform for those of us who want to conquer ground.

Best times to post instagram
Best times to post Instagram

Stories can be saved in the app for 7 days

Historically, the stories; Photos, and videos have been saved in the app only for 24 hours, but after seeing the publication of Matt Navarra, a digital consultant from the USA, we can see that the Instagram stories will have more time.

“Now, all capture with the story camera will be saved in the application for seven days in recent. You can take as many video photos as you like and then post your favorite. “

This is a magnificent little change to start promoting products or services related to our activities, without necessarily implying improvisation or rapid movement in our actions.

So, are Stories a weapon to combat the algorithm and gain visibility? Not directly, because the posts of Instagram stories do not alter the way the algorithm decides to show you.

But definitely, it is a perfect plus to be in direct contact with your most loyal audience.

Without a doubt, Instagram is an elementary tool today. Therefore, it is fair that we learn to generate content that is in harmony with the demands of this algorithm. That like any other understands about quality.

How do we adjust to the algorithm?

Best times to post instagram
Vintage wooden photo camera with Pin heart, friends, comment, post. Overhead view of Traveler’s accessories, Flat lay photography of Travel concept. Pink isolated background. 3d render

Some time ago, Instagram announced that it would be replacing the chronological feed with an algorithm that prioritizes posts with the highest engagement. This means that the more likes and comments your post receives, the more people will see your post.

If you are able to generate a lot of engagement in your Instagram posts shortly after publishing, this indicates that your post is of quality.

This will move it to the top of your followers, so it will show up to more users.

There are several ways to increase Instagram engagement. But one of the best ways is to post when your Instagram audience is most active.
And it is that if you publish when your audience is most active on Instagram, it is more likely that engagement will be boosted in that post.

This engagement will be translated on Instagram with the top positions of user feeds and can be achieved on the “Explore Instagram” page.

It is a cyclical process: greater engagement leads to greater visibility mostly on Social Media, which leads to greater engagement, and so on.


Each account has its own unique way of interacting with its audience.

Therefore, there are many ways to define the Best times to post Instagram?  The important thing is that you take into account the specific characteristics that your audience has and publish accordingly. 

However, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things to gauge your reach.

In conclusion, you should investigate what will be the right times and strategies for you, but you can also use experimentation until you find your best times to post Instagram ? .

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