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The revenue in the vehicle-rentals segment is estimated to reach $990 million in 2021. The positive business confidence and growing international travel to Australia, support this industry. Positive business confidence uplifts corporate travel activity. This increase happens with many companies increasing their travel budgets. The increasing travel throughout Australia led to the demand for rental vehicles. However, customers have turned out to be more adept at renting or booking cars online. The vehicle rental services like Save Rent-a-Car have a varied offer of all vehicle types to suit customer needs and requirements.

The vehicle rental market of Australia houses approximately 1,200 players in total. Among them, 6-7 players are national operators, and the rest operate within cities and thus have a localized presence. This industry also serves beyond 400,000 international customers and buys about 40,000 vehicles every year. The working professionals mainly drive the demand for vehicle leasing, ride-hailing, and rental in Australia. In 2018, the working population in Australia grew at a rate of 1.5%. Corporates and SMEs are also significant users of vehicle rental services. They need cars for site visits and company trips which they source through vehicle rental. The overall number of medium and small-sized establishments grew at a CAGR of 2.5% during the past few years, stimulated by the growth of end-user industries and the arrival of the industry’s latest industrial players.

The demand for vehicle rental has escalated over the last few years, increasing domestic and inbound tourist arrivals. The Australian government endorsed a plan as part of the tourism 2020 strategy. This strategy aimed to improve tourism conditions, which was the primary reason behind the increase in vehicle rentals.

1.   Availability

Contrary to flights and hotels, booking a last-minute hire vehicle is possible with rental services like Save Rent-a-Car. But, booking a car in advance will allow the customers to pick from a broad range of available vehicles. There are different types of transportations, like cars, SUVs, Ute, vans, trucks, minibuses, etc. The prices for renting these vehicles are also much lower.

2.   Accessibility

The car rentals website can be used and accessed 24 /7 from anywhere around the world. The car rental websites like Save Rent-a-Car feeds through to customers within a matter of time, accurate feet accessibility. Pricing subject to what’s going on at the particular rental location at a given time allowing the customers to book the car with a seconds notice and the vehicle will be waiting at the rental counter when the customer arrives. Additionally, car rental websites are mobile-compatible. Apps make the job easy for customers who wish to book a vehicle via smartphones, making it even easier to secure the hire vehicle while on the move.


3.   Research before booking

The rentals website provides a lot of helpful information and choices that will help the customers make the correct decisions when reserving the rental vehicle. From uncovering more information about Bluetooth compatibility or a particular car boost space, contact information for every car rental location across Australia. There are customer reviews, and some websites even have answers to the frequently asked questions. One can find almost anything about renting a vehicle on these online websites.

4.   Prepay and save

Reserving online and prepaying for the required rental before collecting the car will save a considerable amount of customer’s money and time.

5.   Special offers

Vehicle rental deals can be seen on the website and are useful for online car rental bookings. In this way, it will be easy to compare the several deals side by side. This comparison is not possible in other offline services, letting the customer save a considerable amount of money.

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