Boost for WhatsApp Fundraising Groups

WhatsApp fundraising groups are serving the purpose of payments in an easy way. You can do charity payments, weddings, funerals, charity, or medical bills in just one click- but maybe sometimes you get exhausted as there is a chance that at one point or currently you are in one or numerous WhatsApp Fundraising groups. 

To make all this process easy and hustle-free there is good news for you!  Organizers and officials can attest to the exhausting task of receiving contributions & pledges then recording and sharing updates timely and accurately. This process of managing all the updates is an error-free and quick procedure. 

Nowadays in this busy world, you need easy solutions and quick turnarounds to save time. Money matters should be calculated precisely with full accuracy, sometime daily calculations might have errors even after spending a lot of time on rechecking. Advancements in the field of technology are assisting in saving time and molding things in a user-friendly module with perfect accuracy- To serve this purpose there is a wonderful and free boost that you need right away!

You need GFC (GroupFundCount)! An innovative app helping these groups. With easy-to-use tools that instantly record, tabulate, and generate well-formatted reports with custom messages. It will include all the payments of cash and pledges details with compiled data on a single page. In settings, users can adapt the system according to their own requirements. You will be facilitated with all the fundraising details and their brief information. 

GFC is very convenient, efficient, and real fast. Saves time in calculations as well as formatting of messages. Updated reports are rapidly generated in multiple formats (text, pdf, excel &, etc.) sharable across any platform including WhatsApp, email, and text.

This app is FREE and can be downloaded from the play store. Get it now, make your life easy and leave us feedback!

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