Boosting your sales team when nobody is buying during COVID!

COVID-19 outbreak has created a major impact on numerous businesses across the world. We see how the business owners are struggling to make sales during the difficult period. This would reduce the motivation levels of your sales teams as well. If you are not generating sales as you used to do before the pandemic, you don’t need to worry too much about anything. That’s because there are some effective tips, which you can follow and boost your sales.

Here are some useful and effective tips that you can follow to boost your sales team when nobody is buying during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Make sure that your sales team believes in the plan

You must have created a special sales plan to ensure the survival of your business during the pandemic. Even if the special plan is not generating positive results, you need to make sure that your sales team believes in it. As a leader, you will have to play a massive role in here. Then the sales team will be able to remain motivated and try hard to generate sales out of the special plan.

The plan you create should be associated with a high level of transparency. CandCsearch said that then the sales team can clearly see how it can help your company to generate more sales during the difficult time period. Here are some of the most prominent questions that your sales plan should provide answers to.

  • Your business goals during the pandemic
    • Customers that you target
    • Areas where you focus your efforts
    • Why you are taking this kind of an approach

It is also better if you can provide a better picture to your sales team on why you are moving forward with this kind of an approach. Then the team will be able to keep on working and help your company to get the positive returns associated with the plan.

Never ignore the basics

You must be going through a challenging time period, which can determine the future of your business. However, you need to make sure that you don’t ignore the basics during this time. When you get stressed out due to lack of sales, you will forget the basics. This is completely natural. However, you need to make sure that you keep the basics in mind and implement them accordingly.

For example, you should provide commission and bonuses to the accelerators, even if your sales volume has dropped. Then the sales people will be able to keep their motivation levels up and drive sales on your way. If there are no monetary incentives available to push your sales team, they will not try their best to implement your sales strategies. The managers should praise the sales teams that are working hard to generate sales as well.

Save the cancellations

When your sales volume has dropped, you cannot afford to bear cancellations. This is why it is important for you to follow a proactive approach in order to save the cancellations. Your sales team will be able to do it.

Some of your clients will cancel the placed orders due to the financial struggles that they face due to the COVID pandemic. In such a situation, you should get yourself into the shoes of your customers and figure out what the issue is. Then you will be able to provide an alternative solution instead of cancellation.

We are living in a time where your customers need help. Therefore, you should check and see what approaches are available for you to go ahead and provide assistance to your customers. If you are trying to save cancellations of orders with high values, it is worthy to give a call and discuss about the challenges that your customer is facing. You should go through the challenges that your customer is facing and provide an alternative solution. Then you can get the customer to make better decisions.

Reach out to the prospects

You will need to take a look at your email database and come up with a plan to reach out to the prospects. The sales team should be allocated with this task. You might feel that nobody in your email database is willing to spend money and do business with you. However, you should proactively locate the prospects and communicate with them. If you can provide them with the right message at the right time, you will be able to end up with generating sales.

During this difficult time period, you should not wait until your prospects go through your buying process and purchase what you offer. Instead, you will need to put on the white gloves and develop a personalized relationship with the clients. Then you can tempt the customers to purchase what you offer.

Follow up quickly

Before making a purchase, most of your prospects will send inquiries. That’s because they need to get a better understanding about the products or services that you offer. You need to make sure that you send responses to those inquiries quickly. In addition to that, you should also follow up all the customers who abandon their shopping carts quickly as well. If you can do these along with a personalized connection, you can experience better results with generating sales.

It is important to make sure that you are doing everything in order to make the customers feel special. Then the customers will be tempted to stick to your business and get what you offer.

Final words

These are some of the most useful and effective tips available for you to boost your sales team when nobody is purchasing. We cannot expect the COVID pandemic to wipe off from this planet anytime soon. Therefore, you should keep these tips in your mind and work accordingly during the upcoming months. Then you will be able to protect your business from sinking due to the global financial crisis.


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